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  1. Will SC4 fade?

    Thank you very much for welcoming me. I will definitely check sc4devotion and simpeg later, I am having so much fun experimenting with Simtropolis that I haven't had time yet. James
  2. Will SC4 fade?

    Perhaps I am old fashioned or just a stubborn person, I will not use Steam, Origin or any other game service. I don't trust them! Simcity Online will not be an option for me, I spend my summers at the cottage where I do not have nor do I want internet and yes I bring my laptop and spend some evenings playing games. I love Simcity 4 and have played it continuously since I purchased the Deluxe version on release day. While lurking on Gamefaqs last week I heard about Simtropolis for the first time and I am like a child in a candy store. What I have found in the STEX is amazing and will, for me anyways, extend the lifespan of this game indefinitely. Thank you to everyone for their time and effort. James
  3. Welcome New Members

    Even though this is an old thread, I found it very useful. Now I am off to the omnibus. Thank you for your effort. James