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  1. Gifting money

    Well I gifted money to a third city and it got there. Gifted money to the city in the hole, nothing. I am beginning to think I have to abandon the city because the -$327 keeps the city on pause.
  2. Gifting money

    Do I need to stay on the region screen or can I go back to city view and continue playing?
  3. I started some cities in a region. One of them was doing very well. Another was bankrupt with 10mins of pay time. The bankrupt city gave me the options of starting a new city, turning off buildings, etc. I chose to turn off building and that left me $327 still in the hole. Annoyed, I decided to go back to the city that was doing well when I noticed I could gift money. So I did. I saw the money leave the well city and go the bad city, but when I went back to the bad city, I was still in the hole $327. So I went back to the well city and I was still down the $20k I gifted. Am I out of that money? Can the bad city still recover? Can I delete the city and start over? Thanks