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  1. All of the bigger stations (police precincts and the fire department and hospitals take up a huge amount of space, especially if you wanna max the building out with everything it has. And it really, well already said it, just takes up too much in my opinion... your thoughts?
  2. Did you build the railroad connection from the trade depot, or from the passenger one? Because I have same issue as the OP, and was thinking to scrap the current railroad, and build only the one from the trade depot. I had 2 trade port rail connections one right next to the other and at the end of the rail i had a passenger one as well.
  3. I tried that out for the first time today on the test server and it worked well on that server especially with cheetah speed
  4. Education

    Thank you for the response
  5. Education

    I have a grade school, college, and university... I skipped out on the high school.. I have all students attending schools (2,633 enrolled out of 2,633) but my education level is starting to lower..why is this ? Should i get the high school ? i want it to go back up
  6. Just made a new region in EU W2. Looking for people to join in! Add me (andrewvsqz) and come on in.
  7. Always nice to have friends, let me know if you wanna be friends
  8. So i just bought the petroleum division to add to my HQ.. I dont get it, what does it do ? I thought it would help prices or something
  9. Join me!

    Goallinestalker i accepted you. And Vrynix, i have not recieved a request and gave me a network error when i tried to send you one. Maybe it went thru or not, let me know, also OJS i sent you a request hopefully it went through
  10. Join me!

    where do i find my requests, everytime i get on the game origin wont connect me to friends. And also europe west 2 i think is still down for maintenance. So i guess it will still have to wait for now
  11. Join me!

    Will do, but it wont let me go online to friends at the moment, but when it lets me i will add
  12. Join me!

    Join me in the Europe west 2 server! I have a nice city going, looking for more people to play in the region, its only me /: add me, im not really sure yet of how it works but i need some friends on simcity lol or origin whatever. add "andrewvsqz" Thanks