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  1. Hi everyone! Last night I bought Sim City 5 (despite all the negative feedback regarding server stability) and played it for around seven hours. I built four different cities in two different regions. During this time I restarted the game a couple of times, and even rebooted my internet during the evening (for various reasons). I did not experience server difficulties. However, when I started the game today all four of my cities were gone, and the game acted as if I had never played it before. It forced me into the tutorial again, which I aborted, and when I now try to find my cities they are no longer there... When I logged off last night (all three times) I got a popup message from the game saying that not all of my cities are synced with the servers. The message disappeared after a few seconds, so I assumed it had synced on its own, as the game shut down automaticaly after that. What have I done wrong? Is there any way for me to get my cities back again? Kind regards, Stjernegris PS. Sorry for posting in what I assume is the wrong forum section; I was unable to access the tech. support forum.