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  1. Getting the Oil Refinery

    the speed of selling oil depend on your traffic.you should place the trade dept close to the exit of the city, and put all deliver trucks work. and the way from a oil machine to the trade dept should be no traffic jams.(I am not sure you can understand my Chinese English,but I am trying my best) if a oil machine works well ,it should produce 120,000 units per day .and put more industrial zone, they will use many oil too and it is important way to sell your oil.
  2. problems in buy power

    anyone eles has this problem???
  3. Jerky, lagging gameplay

    maybe it is your computer problem
  4. problems in buy power

    so someone can help us , by the way very cute dog
  5. hello, I run my own region map , I have two cities connected by road. city a is a big one and it has about 300w power available to sell. so I load the city B put some roads and rooms for people. and I did click the button of "buy" in the power option buy waited for 2 game days there is still show 0 use,and i checked the power map, it doesn"t show power come from the other city. the power line just cut in the entrance of city.