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  1. Check your happiness data layer and find the R that is complaining about no money. Then,at 6am, follow the people out of the house and see what happens. Check to make sure they actually find a job. By saying zero unemployment, I assume you mean the population chart shows more jobs than workers. Please be aware that this does not mean that every worker is actually making it to work. That chart is not a running tally of Sims that are actually working. It only shows the maximum jobs available. I'm on my phone, so I can't post the link, but check my old posts in my profile. I have a link to some guy's video explaining the difference between unemployment and "unemployment".
  2. In my experience people 'run out of money' when they are trying to get to work, but are unable to get their either do to high traffic or a long commute, so they aren't actually able to earn any money even though they are technically employed. This is correct. The population chart which show how many workers, jobs, shoppers, and goods you have per class is only a count of the maximum possible of each in your city. It is NOT a running total of how many Sims actually made it to work that day or bought goods that day. You need to watch the population data layer to see if the homes having money problems are actually even leaving their homes to find work and then if they are making it to work and back.
  3. Am i a genius or not?

    My point is why do people play sandbox? Is the economy too hard? I find it too easy. The game is very manageable at 85k. The challenge is to keep things balanced and profitable once you approach 150k and beyond.
  4. Park edit question

    As far as advantages to land value and happiness, I dont think so. However, it does allow you to build parks away from roads. For example, if you have a large square (3x3 of max density buildings), you can place a park in the middle of it. Place a narrow tree lined walkway perpendicular to the streets, then edit the park and add a large square shaped park to fit in the middle of the square.
  5. Fixing your city: reading the charts

    As OP said, the RCI is misleading. However, so is the "population" chart. That chart only shows you the maximum number of workers, the maximum number of jobs, the maximum number of shoppers, and the maximum number of goods. Then the chart simply does the subtraction. This chart does NOT show how many sims are actually making it to work, or how many sims are actually shopping. The only way to get a good feel for this is to look at the population data layer (the one with 3 people as the icon). If you have "We need money", make sure people in those homes are actually getting to work. There might be enough jobs and no traffic, but the jobs are located too far away for them to get to work. Same with shopping. There may be enough goods, but the goods they need are too far away. Here is a video describing this: (its not mine, btw. This guy makes great SimCity videos. Browse his channel. You'll be a better player for watching them.)
  6. Tutorial Series

    Cool. I can't wait to take a look. Gamer education is one thing everyone can definitely agree this game is missing.
  7. Education enrollment question

    Just because your buses are maxed out, doesnt mean you definitely have enough buses. As someone mentioned, school buses run between 6 and 2ish. If you have one school, that might not be enough buses in order to go throughout your entire city and pick everyone up within that time frame. Your school might be maxed out on buses, but you might need more. The only way to get more school buses is to add another school. Watch your education layer for the school bus period for a couple days (kind of boring without cheetah speed), but thats the only way you'll know for sure what your current school bus situation is capable of doing.
  8. SimCity Update 8

    How can you save games locally when you play in a region with 15 random players from around the world? SimCity as it exists today requires cloud saving. Only an offline mode would bring local save. I have never list a city and this is a legit question so sorry if it's insulting, but are you logging into the same server every time? Your city from North America 3 will not exist on Europe 2.
  9. SimCity Update 8

    And you cant play a private region offline. Your cities won't communicate with each other. That would require a major restructuring of the game. What is a reasonable possibility is the ability to play one city by itself offline. That could be easily implemented. And as long as EA requires you to at least register online before "unlocking" offline mode, i don't know what the downside of that would be for anyone.
  10. SimCity Update 8

    @ GenXist Just to be clear... When you spent the $80 on the game, you knew full well that it would require an online connection and bought it anyway. Now that it appears the game is basically run locally, and more or less "taped" around the edges into an online network, you are upset about the online requirement? What about all those concerns about EA shutting down the servers? What about your DEMAND to possess products and have them remain useful? At what point did those become important to you? Before or after you purchased this game? If these concerns you expressed so adamantly came after you purchased the game, then its no ones fault but your own that you wasted your money because you did no research. If they were present before you purchased the game, then I have no words. Why would you buy this game if you feel so strongly about those issues? As consumers, we definitely have rights. What we did with SimCity is essentially bought a subscription for a one-time up-front fee. As a consumer, it would be nice if we had specific conditions that are required. Like leasing a car, there are terms and conditions, but basically, as long as you make your payments, you get to drive the dealership's car for 3 years. It would be nice if these online games had some kind of terms and conditions like that which guarantee a certain duration of support from the publisher. However, as consumers, we also have the responsibility to turn words into action. If you don't like always online DRM, do not support the publishers who make those games. Do not buy the game. The publishers have to be shown that there will be a higher percentage of people who do not purchase a game who otherwise would due to DRM requirements than there will be people who pirate the game who otherwise would purchase it if there was no online DRM.
  11. SimCity Update 8

    man, it's not whining... it's important. I spent $80. It wasn't YOUR $80, it wasn't EA's $80, it wasn't Maxis' $80. It was MY $80. That I worked to earn and chose to spend on this product. So why are people upset about this always online thing? What's to stop EA/Maxis from switching off their servers on a whim? Then how can I play the game? Where has my $80? What value have i gotten from the money? What have I got to show for it? If I buy a product, then I expect...no, DEMAND to have that product remain in my possession and useful until I decide that it's no longer worth it or necessary or I find a better product. This is MY decision. That is my right as a consumer. It is MY money. I do not need to have this dictated for me. The only exception to this rule is when I spend money on food/drink... and then my body physically decides when it's no longer necessary for me to possess in the form of a piss or a nice dump. Whining? No man... it's called getting proper value for money. It's called being able to use my products at my disposal and my discretion. Having to play this game online on servers (which is a bold faced lie anyway) means that my rights to my product have been taken from me and put back in the hands of EA and they're dictating what I can and cannot do with MY property, even though I gave them my money. What would you do if a car company decided all of a sudden that you can't drive your car that you bought with your money on Sundays or Thursdays, or if it's raining, or if the wind is blowing 6.7 mph East? It's ridiculous. You'd never accept that as OK, and there's no reason whatsoever to accept it from EA. This has got to he Tue most ignorant mess I've ever read. If your $80 is so important to you and always online is such a problem for you, do a little research before you spend your hard earned cash. It was well known this was an online only game since last year. You should know nobody "owns" an online game. What you're doing is purchasing access to the game, like a lease. If you want to $%&^! about that as someone who hasn't bought this game, more power to you. But to buy it and then complain you wasted your money because of DRM just makes you look like an uninformed idiot.
  12. More AI atrocities

    This is a game. If you approach it as trying to design cities to "beat" the simulation as it exists, it can still be lots of fun. So, yes, I am defending the game engine as it is designed.
  13. SimCity (2013) -> Remake or Reboot?

    It is definitely a reboot and not a sequel. Sim City 4 was basically a perfection of the old way to play Sim City which was a simulation from the top down. The only thing to make it better would have been very small tweaks, more/different "stuff", and improved 3D models. That is why there wasn't a Sim City 5. There was no need for it. Sim City 4 was great, and the modders took over from there. This Sim City is a reinvention of the simulation from the ground up. It clearly has its limitations right now, but it has set the foundation for something that can be even more brilliant than SC4. But, in the meantime, this game is still pretty good in its own right.
  14. More AI atrocities

    I think you guys are missing the point here. I'm not going to sit here and argue that this is the most advanced, complex, and true-to-life city/city dweller simulation engine ever created. What I am going to argue is that this engine is based on very simple principles that when applied to a large number of agents, actually produces very complex systems. I don't think the "shortest path" pathfinding is a bug, its the design. The Sims constantly finding new jobs and new homes everyday, isnt a bug, its the design. Again, it isnt the most realistic design, but allowing for those gross oversimplifications allows Maxis to develop phenomenally complex cities. I would suggest you try to open up your minds and flip the situation around. Instead of designing cities based on your ideals of a perfect simulation and being frustrated its not a perfect simulation, try designing cities around what we know to be true of this simulation engine. I think you'll find there is a very satisfying experience available to you in this game if you can just find away to get past yourselves.
  15. Most of your issues seem to be simply playing the game. The game is set up to present you with challenges to overcome. Its not purely a city builder. Its a game. Solving the problems is what playing the game is... 1. More than one road entry into a city must be created. Build a bus depot and/or train station. This relieves congestion coming into the city. 2. Police and Fire trucks. Plop more police stations and fire trucks. 3. Utilities There is a tiny, tiny grace period. I can usually get 100 people or so and an industry building or two before i get yelled at for no power. 4. Taxes I know the department of finance upgrade allows to tax residential by wealth. Not sure about industry. If it doesn't let you, then I agree with this point. It should be in the game. 5. Construction Mostly, this is the same issue as point 10. And i agree, information is not reliable. But, also when it relates to construction, you need to upgrade your streets to have the zone continue to build upwards. 6. Trash This is where region play comes in. You can't expect to have 300k+ citizens in one city along with everything else you need. Get another city, and devote a large chunk of real estate to garbage dumps. Also, put a sewage treatment plant, and water filtration pump in this city. You can handle garbage, sewage, and water for 3 or 4 cities by selling/sharing these resources. 7. Specialist Cities I's also like to see more. (but thats what expansion packs are for) I also don't understand why trading is its own specialization when drilling, mining, and technology basically require it. 8. Services through roads. No use in complaining about this. Its how the game is built from the ground up. The game engine relies on streets as the life blood for your city. If this is a major issue, then this might not be the game for you. 9. Water Not sure what gimmick you refer to? Place water pumps near renewable water sources or a sewage treatment plant. 10. Information Agreed.