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  1. Recycling, how to do it?

    I haven't played in a while, but have they fixed the bug that breaks your recycling center after a while?
  2. Anyone else lost interest?

    I'm pretty much done with the game unless two things happen: power/water simulation are reduced to an equation (does power ever have t "find" a building IRL?) And the wasted processing power is used to simulate a bigger city. Also, I will remain uninterested until the glaring bugs are fixed and there are too many to list here.
  3. LOL at this bug, screenshot

    I had this problem too. I didn't know that multi-level city play was a feature...
  4. Eurogamer Review

    Seems pretty fair to me...
  5. Workers and Tourists

    I would almost rather not be able to connect, than to connect to a server that doesn't have the resources available to function properly.Why are the user caps so high, lol?
  6. Thank you sir. At least there's a workaround.
  7. My recycling center is full of recyclables, has all three types of lines, but produces at an excruciatingly slow rate. For example my metals line says it'll produce .1 tons/hr, but its only producing .2tons/day. Is this another broken feature?
  8. You have to remember that the Limited edition (pre-orders) and the standard edition (post-release) are different items in Amazon's database, so everyone that has pre-ordered now has to review on the standard edition. Therefore, the "Amazon verified buyer" tag is not reflecting the amount of actual people who bought the game from Amazon. If I wanted to write a review right now, even though I pre-ordered, I would not be listed as an Amazon verified buyer, since the item I purchased doesn't exist on AZ anymore.
  9. I believe it's broken, along with many other things. I haven't set up a reliable connection between two cities in a region yet. Sewage stops leaving the city randomly even though there's plenty of available flow in the region. Half of my residential city is unemployed while my industrial city burns to the ground from lack of workers leading to abandoned buildings. I'm going to stop playing for a few days as it is ruining my experience, lol. This feels like we're Alpha testers, $59.99 Alpha testers, and I'm not just talking about the server BS, the game is bugged so badly I can't even begin to list all of it here. /Rant