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  1. If you can,build the Solar Farm great works, it has 3,000 MW of power that you can use for surrounding cities.
  2. I think this is what they wanted... kinda like a facebook game where anyone can play it, and succeed. The more people that succeed, the more micro-transactions they can make, which means more money for EA. Where EA failed, thinking that the Sim City fanbase was a bunch of mindless fools.
  3. to much money?

    Making money is stupid easy in this game, I'm sitting at around $50 million, with 3 TV factories. my budget is -$40k in the red, but I have a $7mill/month income. It's boring as hell. But I'm rich! yay \o/ ......now give me something to spend it on!
  4. I've had this issue also, but I've found that if you bulldoze the strip of road it's attached to, it goes away.
  5. Why all the Simcity hate?

    Well for starters, you can just zone R and grow your city to a million population. with only water and electricity.
  6. No random Disasters

    I have a bankroll in my city of $40 million so thankfully it's easy for me to replace... the very 1st time I got the disasters was kinda cool,but 3- 4 times per year is downright stupid. Once and done is all they should be, for the achievement.
  7. Arcology?

    It will update, it just takes time.
  8. No random Disasters

    I get them constantly, it's pissing me off. One city I have, has had 4 Lizard attacks, 3 meteor showers and 3 alien abductions. The lizard is cool only the first time, then it gets annoying when you have to bulldoze and replace a bunch of stuff. We need the option to disable this crap in regular mode, or else I'm going to have to play sandbox, it's ridiculous.
  9. This, you can bulldoze any sub-building. Like for instance if you plop a trade depot and don't want the freight storage that comes with it by default, just edit that depot, hit B and highlight the freight storage and bulldoze it.
  10. nevermind, as soon as I posted that, I resumed the game and it updated. I guess I was just a little impatient
  11. Don't mean to hijack the OP, but I have just put down a recycling center in my city of 80k, and it's saying that I have 0 of 0 recycling bins collected. I have centers up in another city and collecting tons of bins.... why does it say 0/0? What am I missing? Thanks.
  12. workers and region play?

    Have you increased road density? land value?
  13. Multi-city Tips?

    The issue I'm having with multi-city play is I'll play on city A for a couple hours (real time), then start city B, after a couple hours, I go back to city A and it has lost a lot of my work that I've done... buildings, roads, schools, about an hours worth of work just.... gone.
  14. I KNEW something felt different last night! Thanks for the link.
  15. Don't forget about de-salinazation plants also.