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  1. Casino City

    I've been trying to get my casino city to work for while and I've learned a few things: Location is key. Ferry's and Airports bring in all your high wealth tourists, as well as some medium wealth ones. Trains and Buses bring in the medium and low wealth. You need to position your casinos near the right kind of transit in order to make them the most profitable. And you need hotels of each wealth type for your tourists to stay in. They should be located in the same area as your casinos and transit centers. Once you've modded up your casinos enough, the hotels may not be as big of an issue, but it's better to be on the safe side and have extra room. I hate seeing Sims leaving because they 'can't find a hotel'. Then you need to start some events in your city to pull a bunch of tourists in. I am using the Globe Theater instead of the Expo Center right now, because space is very restricted on the map I am using. The expo allows you to create larger events, but the Globe Theater does a good enough job for me atm. Events appear to be the real trick with tourism in this game. You'll see the number of tourists in your city bounce way up in the hours preceding and event. Just make sure you have enough hotels nearby, to scoop up all the tourists as they leave the event. I'm not sure how much landmarks help. I know they can generate a small amount of money, but I don't know how many new tourists visit because of them. I haven't seen them make a very big impact. There are 3 or 4 landmarks that allow you to hold events: the Globe Theater, the Sydney Opera House, and one other opera house I can't remember the name of. All of them are huge, except for the Globe Theater, so I suggest starting with that before you bulldoze half your city down for an Expo Center or Stadium. Other than that... just keep an eye on your transit types. They show you how many low, med, and high wealth tourists they bring in a day. And watch your building placement. A high-wealth casino doesn't run well if your airport or ferry dock is on the other side of the city. Tourism is really one of the more challenging things in SimCity... at least for me; but it should be pretty profitable if you can get it working right.
  2. High Wealth Residents

    I've been working on increasing my number of R$$$ citizens as well. As has been mentioned above, high wealth parks are required to get the high wealth commercial and residential to start popping up. There are other factors, like your Sims general happiness, and they'll need less parks if they are happy. You also should pay attention to where you put your services buildings down, because they have a decent sized impact on an areas wealth rating. And just keep an eye on that Land Value Map. Only places that have the 'Good for High Wealth' levels will grow high wealth buildings. The problem that I've been having is getting my C$$$ buildings to produce goods. High wealth hotels keep popping up, and they produce zero goods. The hotels are good if you have lots of tourists, but are a waste of space otherwise. You need to just keep destroying the hotels that pop up until an office building pops up. In my city, each C$$$ high density building produces 310 goods. Two of these office buildings create enough goods for all 1270 of my R$$$ workers.
  3. Simcity info and data analysis

    This is great infos! That really helps me understand some city dynamics. Your data looks pretty sound and matches up with what I am seeing in my cities, ratio wise. I haven't seen the bus glitch recently, although I have seen school buses get stuck in a glitched out loop when they try to enter a school. Pretty much everything about traffic in this game is jacked right now Have you looked into tourism at all yet? I played in the sandbox for a little while to see if I could figure out what brings in the most, but it just fluctuates wildly and I can't really figure out why.
  4. Anyone else find this Ironic?

    Agreed!! Watching this slow-moving train wreck has been very entertaining. Fan-boys raging at each other, obvious spam accounts talking up SC2013 as if it were going to make everyone forget SC4, and the EA PR-opaganda team still trying to spin this game as a success - I'm surprised there isn't a Crystal Skull involved. Mmmm... so many delicious fan-boy tears
  5. water.... not a drop to drink

    But it is almost exclusively re-used as non-potable water. In other words, it's a way to put less of a strain on the main potable water supply, not to actually increase the amount of potable water coming in. And if this were to be a game mechanic, there would need to be an actual building called a 'Water Reclamation Station'. They put this issue on a big Reddit SimCity Bug List. Hopefully someone at EA reads that thing.
  6. water.... not a drop to drink

    Well, they left de-salinazation plants out of the game: so it's safe to say the coast will not be a source of potable water any-time (soon, at least). All they need to do is tweak the water refresh algorithm a little so water comes back a little quicker. Some cities will still have more water than others, and you'll still need to make up the difference through region-trading. That's how they designed the game and that's how it is supposed to work. Things are just a little wonky right now with region-trading being haphazard, and from the lack of a real mass beta test. It'll get patched.
  7. water.... not a drop to drink

    Maybe as a source, but not as their only source of potable water. And as far as I know, there's nowhere in real life where it's dumped into the ground untreated, then re-pumped out and treated. It's treated (to make it non-hazardous) and the re-treated (to make it potable). Exactly. Trying to compare this game to real life is just taking this thread off topic. We need to focus on the issue at hand: how to keep our cities from running dry until EA patches the water-table refill rates.
  8. water.... not a drop to drink

    This is clearly a broken system. Requiring your users to jury-rig their cities to provide them with fresh water is not 'working-as-intended'. And 'realism' is not a valid excuse to try and justify it. If it's so 'realistic' right now, why aren't there any water filtration add-ons for the sewage facilities (ie: ones that output fresh water)? It's a problem, and lots of people are noticing it. Especially since the region-sharing features are shaky at best right now, and it's hard to keep a city running on bought water. The water flow from other cities drop out all the time, taking half your city with it before you can get a pump working again. It needs to be fixed. In the mean-time, I guess we'll just have to perfect this sewage exploit. Can someone post a screenshot of their system?