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  1. hey guys Alright basically, i can get my industrial in a small sqaure, power, get my farms off in the distance. i get police services, residential, and everything gets up and running smoothly whenever i begin a game/new map, and im in the positive money gain But whenever i expand, i always somehow making to many shops, to much industrial that doesnt get jobs, to much residential, i just struggle to find a balance and keep gaining money
  2. as the topic says, is there a mod to remove the NEED of adding farms in cities XL, one thing ive noticed is farms are always in such inconvient area's for fertile ground and i would like to make a nice, high rise city without farms all around it
  3. New beta Cities Of World

    im curious what happened to the project to, none of the links work and it looked decent
  4. there is alot of city builder games been worked on, but finding one that does zoning and production and has similiar features to the new simcity along with complex simplicity will be tough And frankly, itll be a long time until any of these games see either a graphical update ( Synekism ) or even a release ( Civitas if it doesnt reach its goal of 250,000$ ) So unfortantly. were stuck with what we have for the next 6-7 months or maybe EA will give in and fix simcity 2013's problem's Im impatient i know but these projects are exciting, but what were stuck with now and the modern times just doesnt fit anymore and becoming stale
  5. Synekism - A New City Simulation Game

    all i can say is, cant wait until the graphic's engine is released and this game has graphic's, because right now for what it is, good work man, top notch and im excited, im just excited frankly im one who is quite upset with simcity's 5 always online deal. and even if i could afford the game, which i cant right now. its just a deal breaker, if im on my laptop on a trip, i want to build a city without needing to be online! But needless to say. its looking excellent, so excited to see some graphics soon xD
  6. Would this change opinions on Soceities?

    I believe it would be possible, i've seen modder's do some crazy coding when it come's to game's that allow access to create mod's, the problem i think is that to do this, would require almost an entire game engine rework, building stats, building textures, roads etc ( aka months of coding and deep developement ) and some extremely skilled mod developers, who probably dont have the interest nor the time to do so But hey, if simcity 5 fails, and the modders need something to do, they could give it a try. But its doubtful its going to happen Needless to say, i do think its a great idea, if those feature's like zoning, curved roads were added to simcity's societies, no doubt the game's opinion would improve immensely, every review i read said the same thing "this game is missing the best feature of simcity's game's - ZONING!"