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  1. I have this same problem with germs. My clinics and hospitals are underused, as are my schools and universities. My education map shows zero students who are not enrolled. its actually the leading cause of abandonment in my city, still sort of perplexed.
  2. Numerous issues

    That would seem to be the lesson learned. I typically follow that rule, but Simcity is a game that both I and my girlfriend would enjoy playing, and (if it actually worked properly) play together. So we were looking forward to it.
  3. Issues within the first couple hours of "play." 1: The tutorial did not work.I started it, and nothing happened. No words, no prompts, nothing. 2: Creating my own region, half the time i click to claim a plot, then the box goes away. when that same land is clicked on again it says "this land is already claimed" and i cannot play on it. Abandoning the region never appears to take effect, and i now have 7 of my 10 in use. 3: I cannot "invite" any of my origin friends, the list shows up blank. 4: Once a game is quit, it does not show up in the menu to reload it, until i've waited about a half hour, then it shows up. 5: Once i got past all of these issues, i was greeted by frequent crashes. the typical "simcity.exe has stopped working." The first crash took about 40 minutes to occur then subsequently recurred about 6 minutes into retrying. Obviously i am frustrated, since many of you seem to be having similar issues, and after re installing the game every one remains in place. The combination of all 5 problems rules out the typical "you forgot to update your drivers" excuse. Furthermore, i tried it on a second computer where errors 2,3 4 and 5 are still present. Both have entirely different sets of hardware that blow away the minimum requirements, one Intel, one AMD and both with up to date drivers. Ill continue to brows the rest of the threads for solutions. But its worth noting, I haven't purchased a single game outside of Steam (and Starcraft 2) for the past 6 years with nothing but good things to say. The game has only been out for a day, but Origin is not off to a great start in my book. EA isn't blameless either.