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  1. SimCity has stopped working

    Update. I uninstalled SimCity then reinstalled with new patch. Waited for the latest round of hot fixes to the servers and have finally been able to get into the game. There are still some server issues, but it is working, which is what most folks want.
  2. SimCity has stopped working

    Supposedly the North American East 2 server has been patched. Game still stops working on Tutorial Load even if that's accurate. Time to leave this alone for several days.
  3. SimCity has stopped working

    Still having the same issues this morning and there are no new patches. Servers are listed as available (not busy). I cannot get past the tutorial loading screen (herding llamas) before it quits working.
  4. SimCity has stopped working

    I'm having the same issue. I get to the tutorial, which tries to load and then the Windows message, SimCity has stopped working, closing program, etc. All video drivers are up to date, I'm also running the program as Administrator.