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  1. averonton region

    yeah im liking the game as well!
  2. Terrain textures not showing

    im gonna try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if works for me. i have a similar yet different problem lol
  3. Hey everyone. i wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this. my game works completely fine except some playing elements are missing. when i draw out roads it shows dirt until the road is built, i have no guide grid lines when building roads nor city limit guide lines. the water in the game doesnt show, such as bodies of water like rivers and lakes. also some animations are non existent, for example if you place a park smiley faces are suppose to appear above the buildings but that doesnt happen for me. i cant see when a building is on fire, my whole industrial area burnt down because i didnt know it was on fire. i could hear the fire burning but no visual of the fire. i also cant see the animation of the sewage outflow or the data representing water and sewage flow. the game is playable but i payed $60 for this game and i want it to work as it should. any suggestions? *UPDATE* everything works fine. i uninstalled the game then reinstalled. also for those of you with Catalyst Control(AMD) installed, set gaming options to default and disable it while playing simcity. also go to origin settings>in game> uncheck the in game option. thats all that i did, now my game is working great.