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  1. Rail Connection

    I have 157k peeps in one city and 97k peeps in the other. I still have 0 passengers on the train in each city and still dont know what the problem is. I have searched the Manual and Googled it but no help.
  2. Rail Connection

    Yes, the station is connected to the main Railroad that's provided from the region. I attached the road connections to the station on either side of the already provided road. Cars drive into the station then drive away. the Attention Guide pops up and indicates a problem but doesnt help me remedy the issue.
  3. Rail Connection

    I am having the same issue. i built multiple train stations in different cities. i am paying the $350 per hour to have the stations "working" but have 0 passengers. Pleaes let me know if you find a solution.
  4. Cannot Create Game

    Have been experiencing this issue for over an hour now. Really frustrating!!!! Any resolution or tips for claiming a region or getting on a server that works?