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  1. Looking for an NA West region

    Great! Thanks. I will be on now.
  2. Hudson - SimCity 2013 Region -

    Added you.
  3. I've been trying forever to find a region, but most are full. Im looking for a region with a 16 player map. Add and invite me: Chaith12 North America West server, any of those. Thanks.
  4. Only HQ-unlocked buildings carry over for the whole region (I can confirm Refinery, Smelting Factory). Commerce Divison/Trade HQ Trade Port storage unlocks do not carry over. Although this might be a bug from day 1. Alright, thanks.
  5. Hello everyone. I have a question about trade depots/trade hq. If you add a certain division such as a metals division, will the benefits become available throughout the region? Do 2 cities need a train station added to the trade depot to connect via train? Thanks, Chaith.
  6. Hey, so I just got on today and when i got on it was like extremely low fps. Yes i have been running on high graphics but i have good computer specs. Is this because of the constant connection to origin servers? I'm playing from North America West and connecting to an east server, could that maybe be it? Ps; I just changed all graphics to medium, same problem. Specs if you need them: Cpu: Intel core 2 quad 2.40Ghz 3.6 Gb ram GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 Thanks.
  7. Dang, well i will put residential in other squares then, thanks.
  8. I have a pretty good town going but ive come across one problem, space. My sims are demanding loads of residential zones but im fresh out of room to zone any more, they are also demanding industrial. I have a few skyscrapers and medium tech factories but some of them become abandoned due to no shoppers. Will it help to claim another square of land and zone it all residential? Thanks for any help, i didnt know where to put this, please move it if necessary.