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  1. Bridges

    Ill give it a try again! I kept getting the too steep! Ill try from a different location
  2. Bridges

    Where are the bridges located? It's probably right in front of my face but I'm missing it!!
  3. Your CPU is not the one of the most powerful, so I think that's the reason. It ranks lower on cpubenchmark.net than the minimum CPU from the system requirements on the EA website (Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+). I can imagine the Glassbox engine needs quite some resources... Boo! The game was navigating so smoothly but the graphics sucked! I've just upgrade to Intel i7-3612QM CPU @2.10GHz Hopefully that does the trick!! Unfortunatly, their is something odd going on with the wireless connection to the new laptop! Shooot, I just wanna play SC lol
  4. The trailers and previews don't look anything like this? Or is this normal? If not, can anyone explain to me how to fix this? Processor: AMD E-450 APU w/Radeon HD graphics 1.65GHz (Radeon 6320)
  5. Goes back to short scenario

    It was probably the server one. I remember when it was down I was clicking on the other servers and probably didn't go back to the right one! Thanks!
  6. This has happened a couple times where I've built a city, closed it out for the night. Came back the next day to play and it doesn't say to resume play, it's back to that tutorial play. Am I not saving it properly? Am I missing something??? Very frustrating..
  7. I'm gonna piggyback on this thread: Looking to buy a new/cheap laptop for some games & other things... I want a laptop that will run this game crisp & display the graphics as they should. I've been borrowing a family members laptop and it's really smooth but the graphics are very off(AMD Radeon HD 6320). I plan on connecting it to an external 27" monitor so sizing on laptop isn't all that important. The three I'm looking at is: 1- AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics 2- Intel graphics hd 4000
  8. SimCity with Parallels on Mac

    I got rid of Parallels and am now working on using bootcamp. I'll repost when I get some gameplay in..
  9. SimCity with Parallels on Mac

    I have it running on Parallels right now, it's super choppy. I'm not sure if its my computer but its very frustrating!! My computer Is just over a year old! Can't be that... Looking for suggestions for a better performance