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  1. I am planning on starting a new region. Haven't done more than one city yet, and want to plan out my region. Can my first city have no industrial? I know I need some, I was thinking of having it in the next town over. I was going to grid off some industrial zones in one town, and have residential and commerce in another. Or does my first town need a mix? Also if I set up industrial zones, and leave will jobs move in while I am in my residential town setting that up? Or do I need to go back and forth? Thanks
  2. I get that they want to stop piracy and I am fine with that. I don't understand the need to be online the entire time. Yes, if you are in an public region you need to be, and that makes sense. But if I want a private region, it shouldn't be required. They could treat it like Steam, you go online to validate the acct, and then play offline. That stops the piracy, while not requiring servers to be running all the time, just those that authenticate. Basically, you access and authentication server, and can either play offline, or play online if you want.
  3. City Size and multiple cities

    They don't spill out of their borders. They are always square if you build right up to the edges. That is dissapointing. I can live with it but even if it was cosmetic it would be nice
  4. I know the city size isnt very large, and while I would love huge cities I can live with that. I was wondering if cites will spill outside their borders? Or will they look square and have flat when they are full. Even if it wasnt something we could build on it would be nice to see cities sort of blend together. Although in the future I would like to see the ability to buy tracts of land to expand borders. One last question. Can I work multiple cities at the same time. Not literally but spend an hour on one and an hour in another in the same region? Thanks