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  1. Hi guys I just wanted to update you. Due to some miscommunication with RPS staffers, I'll be retooling the article for a different publication. I'd like to wait a bit until I am certain which screenshots are included (as I'd like to award those which are actually used) and I'll update here once I know.
  2. This looks great - how did you get the screenshots to look so good? Is it some kind of AA filter?
  3. Not too late I'm still writing the article! I'll consider your images to include. For everyone else, the competition is closed, prizes to be awarded later on the weekend.
  4. Wow thanks these look great . Now if someone could do some zoomed in shots with some cool custom content that would be really interesting.
  5. Unfortunately I don't know much about the OSX version of SimCity 4, maybe you should post in the dedicated forum? http://community.simtropolis.com/forum/20-sc4-mac-users/
  6. I'm also an occasional contributor to Rock Paper Shotgun, where I write The Fixer column, and I admin PCGamingWiki, and I have a thread going about our SimCity 4 article (timely, given all the trouble with SimCity 2013's DRM and unmodability), which is about getting people new to SC4 to get the game running well on modern systems. Anyway I am going to submit an article about introducing all the fixes and workarounds for SimCity 4 to be published this Sunday. I'd like to turn to the community for cool screenshots so that they can be displayed on Rock Paper Shotgun alongside the article. Rules - screenshots of SimCity 4 must be submitted to the thread by 15 March 2013 3pm GMT, maximum 10 per person, must be self-generated and not copied from another source - I will credit submitters where possible, although final say on whether this is displayed is dependent on Rock Paper Shotgun - modded, unmodded, zoomed in and zoomed out shots welcome (although be aware that they will be cropped to a 600x300 resolution), please mention any mods being highlighted by the screenshot - there is a chance that RPS will hold or not publish the article, but I will still provide the prizes below: Prizes - Dungeonland (Steam) - Rome: Total War (Steam) - Super Hexagon (Steam) - The Showdown Effect (Steam) - Saints Row: The Third (Steam) - Top 5 winners will be picked by myself, 1 prize per winner, first winner gets to choose game, and then remaining 4 games get passed on 2nd winner to choose 1 game, then remaining 3 games get passed onto 3rd winner to choose 1 game, etc. - winners will be contacted via PM here by Sunday evening (17th March) which is when I will begin distributing the prizes.
  7. Thanks for the feedback . We've tried to subdivide the page template as logically and clearly as possible. Our intention is to create a one-page for everything approach (like Wikipedia). If it's too long, then it doesn't belong there and readers should link out to more detailed resources. And primarily, the function of the page is to simply 'get the game to work to modern standards'.
  8. Is there a good place to get info on starting with CAM? I would like to include it but I'm afraid it's a bit too advanced for a beginner. It might be better just to link to this site rather than trying to explain it on the page.
  9. I would like to present this page which I've been refining for newcomers to SimCity 4 and I am hoping to get feedback or critique on the layout, available here: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/SimCity_4 The focus of the guide is on 'quality of life', so it contains the essential technical mods (autosaving) and also tips on using custom resolutions, implementing borderless fullscreen windowed mode, etc. It also signposts to relevant forum threads and communities for mod lists. If you discover something that needs changing please reply and I'll add it in, or alternatively you can go in straight away to edit, no account is required.
  10. If you discover a new fix, please add it in to here: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/SimCity_(2013) Includes info on: - crashes - textures not loading - Simcity.exe crashes/terminates before the launcher shows up - hanging on 'checking for updates'
  11. The page focuses on bugs, fixes and workarounds for the game: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/SimCity_2013 - no account is required to make changes.