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  1. Started a region to test all Res no C or I

    Is it me or was Paul Krugman or Ben Bernake the leed developer of this sim?
  2. Trash not getting picked up

    After watching the trucks go around and around I think Glassbox has a flawed decision tree. It should have a logic string that goes like this: At my current intersection, Was the last vehicle of my type full or empty? f full, continue to the next conditional rule. If not full, which way did the last vehicle of my type go? Which way did the one before him go? Pick the direction not taken by either. Go to next conditional rule. That would solve all the lemming behavior. And give you a reasonable chance at hitting every street.
  3. Trash not getting picked up

    I added a giant fleet to the support cities next door to my main RES/COM. It worked for a while. Then I saw a divergence in the behavior of Trash vs Recycling. Trash trucks continue to work somewhat well. Still follow their noses too much and act like lemmings. But now the Recycling trucks sent to the big city are at a dead stop. At first they didn't manage to get near the high rises and the university for any pick ups. Then the recycled started to pile up. Now I can't see anything but trash trucks coming in to help. No recycling ever show up to collect out of town. I had to tear down some RES to build trade depot to get rid of all that mountain of recycling. I can't revive the recycling trips.
  4. Did the sandbox cheats get disabled? After the update today I can't get ALT+W to do anything.