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  1. Thanks for your answer! Building parks seem like the only way to let Sims be happy but I find it pretty lame to place a park in the middle of the residential buildings (, worse if it has to remove the building to build) but i guess that is why the planning is important. Plus, no wonder the game gives an option to downgrade the road's density
  2. The density of the road is for the growth of the buildings? Because for my case, most of the road is already high density. I upgraded them because the traffic is congested. But the density of the buildings is neither increasing or decreasing. For the population do I keep them in low wealth early in the game, then slowly increase their wealth later in the game?
  3. Hi all. This is my first SimCity. I have played for hours now, so far so good. However I have a few questions. I hope somebody can explain to me. 1. How to increase the density but not the land value (so that I can keep the low wealth people for the industry, do I need to keep them in the first place? ) ? 2. What do people of different wealth do in general? What are the differences? For example, do medium/high wealth people work in the industry etc I had a problem. When I increased the land value to medium, my population dropped drastically. I guess it is those low wealth people leaving my city. Another problem is that my population increasing very slowly.. Any help is appreciated!