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  1. Yea the ones that change the buildings are just a local area around the landmark and they are in the culture tab. You have Eiffel tower, Big Ben, and Brandenburg gate to select from depending on what building you want to go for. I also noticed in my own test i had to place parks to get land value up before they appeared as well. Not sure if this is coincidence with time or not.
  2. Looking For Friendly Players :)

    I've been looking for a group to join on NE3. I also spent a lot of time in single player mode learning the basic ins and outs of this game. Still have a ways to go but i would love to try working with all of you to see what we can accomplish. hope to see you soon. Origin ID- clarkmp
  3. Why all the Simcity hate?

    There are quite a few things that are broken. 1. Region play is not working efficiently. This is a server side issue which has improved but marginally. This is were many of the problems i have experienced occur. 2. Recycling centers bug out sometimes by not producing/shipping. 3. Some aspects of the AI are not functioning as intended. Random circles. 4. Buildings on curved roads require more spacing that those on grid patterns 5. Water tables draining to quickly to be replenished by rainfall. This may not be broken, just unbalanced. 6. Commuters from other cities with sometimes spawn duplicates resulting in far more traffic than you should have (this seems to have improved with the last patch) These are just a few off the top of my head. I have to agree with you though that many people are getting hung up on the only online aspect, small city size, and the fact that its not what people what people thought it was going to be. This is not a successor to SimCity 4 and has a style of its own. Personally i like some of the new features and hope they can get everything sorted out. I'll be looking forward to patches and updates to see were this game may go!
  4. Services do work in region play, though they are not as efficient as building each service in every city. As example if city A shares his police with city B and city b has no coverage of their own. If a crime is committed in city B, the police from city A will respond but at a slower rate than if city B had their own. I use the service sharing as a crutch to supplement my forces. If i have more fires than i have fire trucks, than a neighboring cities fire truck will help prevent spread, but i will probably loose the building. This becomes especially apparent when your highway connection is clogged so keep that in mind. To share a sevice go to the city that has the service to begin with. Using the police example above you would load city A. Next click region view and select the police tab. Next select city B. You should see new options in the police tab with +/- buttons. Click the + button to designate a service vehicle to be shared. A good thing to note is that (useing the police example again) you can send all your units to help city B without city A suffering a loss from coverage. As for school, my experience is that grade school and high school students do not transfer from city to city, only college/university. This is handled automatically just as workers and shoppers are. One last tip: If your region connections stop functioning due to their inherent bugs, try exiting and reloading the game. Works for me. Hope i was able to help and good luck! Edit: Also make sure your cities are connected. The larger regions contain smaller sub regions, usually containing 4 cities and 1 great works site. Not all of these sub-regions are interconnected by roads.
  5. I'm gonna go ahead and be different than everyone else. I would love to see the filters re-enabled as i do not have any friends that i can receive requests from; however, until region play becomes improved than multi-player holds less value for me. With that in mind i would like to see the supply/demand back for resources. With them enabled i will feel more connected to others even during solo play.
  6. Daily profit ?

    The profit that is listed for the HQ is what you make on your daily exports of petroleum products (crude oil, plastics, fuel.) You can raise this by increasing the number of wells and trade depots. If you are looking to get the upgrade...easiest solution is to build a bunch of depots will storage and set them to use locally only. Once they are full set wait for just before midnight and set all of them to export. You will get a huge 1 day profit that should put you over them bar for upgrade. You can also invest in recycling with them set to refine plastics to raise your daily sales as well.
  7. Coal Storage

    I'm thinking one of 2 things is going on here. First check to make sure you have accept local deliveries checked at the depots/trade port and they are not turned off. If thats checked then it sounds like a bug. If you can spare the cash try plopping down a coal power plant next to your mine set to only receive local deliveries. After about 1/2 day i think it is...the plant should request coal. turn off depot/ports for the test so you know it will only accept delivery from the mine. It might not solve the coal problem but may help figure out were the bug is....mine or depot.
  8. Industrial City

    I've had a very different experience. If you build trade depots with the freight cargo hold then the factories do make money and survive. I also had freight transfer from my industrial city to my more commercial heavy cities. I must note though that like comments above; i had a hard time keeping workers in the factories. Everything would be great then it would only register about 60 workers. I also only had about 160 freight being transfered to my other cities out of the 30k i was producing. Moral of the story: The systems are in place to make an industrial city work, they just don't actually work well enough. And as you pointed out...commercial is not actually effected by freight meaning that....atm....an industrial city is a waste of time (logistically speaking of course!)
  9. Beta

    I believe that ended on wed the 13th. new deal (through origin) is $20 of some other product.
  10. Beta

    hey, those of you who pre-ordered through origin. I just got my code. So hopefully you will get one soon as well.