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  1. Almine

    OVERVIEW After a long time not update about ABCD, today we'll bring you an update on the city Almine. Contiguous with Delia, Seri Putra and Seasix, Almine is central to the development of ABCD and economic center for the development corridor. Almine put some syraikat giants from all over the ABCD and as well as having its own exchange. Almine Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange and listing the shares of high-performing companies like Airport Corporation, Almine Limited Transit, Highway Corporation and many more. Almine City Almine City Center Almine Stock Exchange TRANSPORTATION In terms of transportation, Almine has an efficient public transport system to mobilize the economic lifeblood of ABCD. Almine Transit System (AST) is operated by Almine Transit Corporation (ATC) operating systems including a monorail system, LRT, commuter rail systems, the ferry system and the city subway. Recently, ATC has launched its high-speed rail (HSR) linking between Seasix and Almine. Seasix which is a satellite city of Almine has been connected to the highway and LRT systems that experience extreme congestion. HSR is expected to help reduce commuter congestion between these two cities. Almine Terminal LRT and subways system under ATS. Almine Airport Interchange station between monorail and LRT system. Almine International Airport Highway is also the lifeblood of the city. There are three main highways connecting residential areas to the town center Almine Almine of Central Expressway (E1), Almine East Extension Highway (E2) and Almine West Highway (E3). For connecting highways, many major roads to be upgraded to dual carriageway road code C as Almine Ring Road 1 (C1) to ensure smooth traffic flow into these major highways. Highways and roads maintained by the city Almine Highway Corporation and under the scheme of Alam Bestrai Highway System. Almine West Expressway (E3) Almine East Extension Highway (E2) Almine Central Highway (E1) Another section of Almine Central Highway (E1) A number of public facilities and infrastructure that will be reviewed for the next entry. Please leave your comments and opinions to improve this city. Thank You. =D
  2. Elmina

    Elmina is part of ABCD project that combine all three key element of city development; residential, commercial and industrial. Initially residential area are been located around commercial area to decrease travel time between this two area. After several year, TOD (Transit Oriented Development) concept are being used to give more access between transit station and residential area. They are several station have been build near to major road with P&R (Park and Ride) facility and integrated with other transit mode such as bus and subway. At city center, all government agency and several company open their headquarters such Dowen and AMV. With good facilities of education and research, Elmina also become the high tech city that populated with high educated resident. All element of the city make Elmina a great city to live, learn, play and work. Elmina Elmina City Center University of Elmina Elmina Industrial Park TOD Concept in Elmina Sekian dari Elmina
  3. Spandau

    Yee haw..I have fix the problem... =D
  4. Spandau

    Spandau is former city of Berlin map. It become a benchmark of city under ABCD project. From low tech industrial city, it become high tech industrial city and service based city. With population of 40,000 people, most of them are working in services sector. Many company are open their business with zero tax on service sector. It is connected with Spandau Airport and linked with transit system. Spandau Transit System have 2 line (West-East Line & Airport Line) integrated with Spandau Transit Bus and Spandau Commuter Link under ABest System. It also connected with Spandau Inner Ring Road and Jambatan Link Road on west side. Bird view of Spandau. Thats all from Spandau...Thank You
  5. Alam Bestari Corridor Development (ABCD) is city development project based on Berlin map in SimCity 4. The default city such as Spandau are been develop and rearrange to make sure all needed of resident are fullfil. Residential area, commercial and industrial area will be build by integrated with transport mode such as rail, plane and road. By connected all area, it can help resident live in the city easily and give access to all place. Alam Bestari Transit System (ABest) will be establish to integrated all transit mode. To make sure all road and highway well maintain and planned, Alam Bestari Road and Highway Authority will make sure it happen. Will be continued.....