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  1. UK launch on Friday

    I've preordered the physical copy from Amazon, which should be dispatched tomorrow. I am desperate to get my hands on it, I loved the beta. I will expect some problems but hopefully Origin will be sorted by Friday.
  2. For some reason, my laptop prefers games on full screen windowed than any other option, thanks for posting this, I will try when I get the game on Friday!
  3. That does sound like a bug as the buses should snap onto the plot already. Maybe try placing more bus stops too?
  4. Population over 9K

    More likely a density issue, as the others have stated. In the Beta 2, I was easily getting over 50k in an hour. Build amenities/services based on your demand on wealth.
  5. Have you reported it to Maxis as a bug? Seems a rather expensive (for Simoleons) bug!
  6. Mac OS X Release

    Nothing yet! I would imagine an announcement very soon, it's odd for a MAC release much after a PC release.
  7. EU Release

    Friday for me in the UK! Amazon still has my order as 'not yet dispatched'. Hoping for a Friday delivery!
  8. It's all about demand. If you have a huge $ demand then ensure you have resi on your avenues and medium roads and they will develop. I find in my hour of gameplay, I start to see the medium resi buildings around 40 mins in.
  9. Beta 2 Screen Shots

    I will ad mine later today, my best city has had 50k+ residents so far.
  10. When does the beta end?

    The GMT time is incorrect, it should be 1400, Simcity acknowledged that but never changed it!
  11. Beta

    I've just tried to get a beta key through amazon chat but to no avail
  12. Beta

    I've not got any keys yet, if I remember correctly, they emailed me with 'play simcity now' on the day last time.