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  1. Problem with GLR station on aveneu

    Hmm.. any1 knows which one it is ? hmm I think I have it. I'll let you know asap. The dependeces helped. I always check it, but for that station it popped AFTER the install... Anyway working now thanks a lot!
  2. Increase Co§§§

    You don't want 2 blocks wide 1 block long? I don't really understand why....
  3. Problem with GLR station on aveneu

    I did what you said, placed the station, then the tracks. But I can't drag any roads.
  4. Increase Co§§§

    Leuk inderdaad haha. Anyway, tnxs for the help. I am quite busy at the moment, so I will play some more when I have some time.
  5. Increase Co§§§

    Haha Jim I know, just trying to fix the traffic problem. I know the 5x5 is quite small, but I had some tries and nothing worked, this I found the best. Now I've read here that traffic is "bugged" a little in SC4. Anyway both of you thanks a lot. I don't have time to overlook everything now, but I am planning on taking this with me and start over. I think it just leaves me with one question: How should I grid the area's? I always feel like having rectangles/squares and if possible continious. 8x2 is good for low dens residential, but what about High dens commercial? High dense residential? And what is a "good" layout with roads, ave's, etc. for such a metropolis? If there is some guide for this a link is perfectly fine as an awnser. And again, thanks a lot for the info!
  6. Since I had some traffic problems, I downloaded the RAM mod. I'd been told there weren't any tramstations in it, so I downloaded this: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=879 Now the problem is; I can't place the stations ON the aveneu. How can I solve this? I tried placing the stations first, but can't drag an aveneu above it, I tried placing it on an aveneu, didn't work either. and I tried placing it on an aveneu with GLR in place already, not working either.
  7. Increase Co§§§

    Any1 got some extra tips?
  8. Need help with building a large city

    This is mainly my problem. I want a huge city with a lot of commercial in the center. SC4(deluxe) seems hard. SC3000 was way easier xD.
  9. Increase Co§§§

    You doubt my intelligence? I ain't stupid ofc I'll raise em in the other city's. But since I played some more now, main problem is overall low demand on CO-§§§ In a second I will update this post. Update: Alright, created some more suburb's, got me some underground (not finished), increased taxrate in every city except main. Got me some extra schools.. This is the progress: Demand: Region: I still got a problem with demand. It's increased a little, but not enough. I think it should be highe but I don't know why. Traffc problem didn't actually got solved with the subways. Maybe the layout is wrong (worked quite good in SC3000....)x Some1 got some extra tips? Please tell me! If I am making some stupid choices, please tell me too. Region: http://www.sendspace.com/file/31t7ex
  10. Increase Co§§§

    I can raise the tax, plaza's etc are already there. I had 4*4 blocks (as you saw) and I have a busstop every 2 blocks in both directions. Like XXXXXXXXXXX XZZZZXZZZZX XZZZZXZZZZX XZZZZXZZZZX BZZZZXZZZZB XXXXXXXXXXX XZZZZXZZZZX XZZZZXZZZZX XZZZZXZZZZX BZZZZXZZZZB XXXXXXXXXXX X=road B=bus on road Z=Zone I will try to change the busstops with bus/subwaystops and add subway's. From simcity 3000 I remember intersections are a problem EVERYWHERE, but I hate zoning without square's or rectangles xD Since more people say so, I think Imma build some neighbour city's to. ps. how can I check a shortage of a certain school? You said I have a shortage or elementary school's, is this a special mod? I will try to improve my infrastructure ___________________________ For the rest thanks for the tips. As soon as I get some decent progress I will tell!
  11. I was trying to build a large city in SC4 deluxe and used neighbour city's for industrial demand etc. I just can't seem to get a real good demand on §§ and §§§ business, and therefor it won't expand. I've read quite some things about it, like changing tax rates etc. But I can't seem to get it in my city. Could some1 have a look at my region and give me some tips?: http://www.sendspace.com/file/swdtxt You can check the link for a virus. Should be clean. Print screens: Region Capital city ps. please don't reply with a mod or something, unless SC4 is really bugged (Didn't read that anywhere so I assume it isn't)
  12. Road top mass transit expansion question

    Stupid me. Found it already and it works! Thanks a lot, I really love the extension. It's also more realistic in my opinion. Always got trafic problems (either it's bad or I spend to much).
  13. Road top mass transit expansion question

    Ill try! Uhm... MML plugin?
  14. Road top mass transit expansion question

    Yes, since I place them ON the roades. Yes the arrow is blue. I was wondering why I couldn't. Edit; I just noticed something: I started a new city (yeah playing atm! xD) and I couldn't place them ON a road. I can remove the road and place them, but I can't place them..