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    New Zealand??? (How can you believe everything on the Internet?)
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    Getting my modern computer to make SimCity 4 stop glitching, I mean SimCity Classic, 2000, 3000, and 2013 work like a bliss, but 4 just glitches like hell, especially around water :( ; Vodka; Chicken; and SimCity (obviously).

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  1. Maybe, if I could gather up every single prop pack available and put them into one download, the need of prop dependencies could be eradicated!

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    2. timmie


      That would be inefficient and huge, but more important: against fair use rules :)

    3. MandelSoft


      And it would also be a hassle to maintain, because some prop packs do receive updates every once in a while...

      Learn to live with it. After a while, it doesn't bother anymore...

    4. jaredh


      Just take a day, download every MEGA pack on the LEX and you will have gotten 90% of them...