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  1. Reconcile edges problem

    Thank you for your response but when the box comes up it shows the areas that will be affected and the whole map goes red, I think it is because it is such a small city.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm quite new to Sim city 4 (none rush hour version). I seem to get quite far with my city and then it asks me to 'reconcile edges' if I do I will loose my whole city, but if I don't my city can't grow. I reconcile the edges at the beginning of my city but it makes no odds. What should I do? Thank you in advanced. Scryan.
  3. Version number says I mean actual water bursting, where a small animation of what looks like water is coming from the pipes, that when unfixed gradually disappear. This causes some of my buildings to sink as well as mean I cannot save the game and exit during a disaster. Within 5 seconds of unpausing the game about 10 new bursts appear. Also my city has either just passed or is about to pass 5000 residents. Thanks for all the replies so far
  4. Hi All, New to Sim City 4, picked it up cheap second hand. Began adding water supplies to my city, but when I begin adding water pipes they just constantly burst 10-20 burst at a time. Funding for water on the utilities is maxed out, funding on each pumping station is also maxed out and this is all the advice I can find on the internet. This has completely ruined the game until I find a solution as it has now become a 'fix the pipe' game instead. All pipes are connected with no dead-ends, Capacity on the pumphouses were greater than maximum (around 21000 / 20000) but adding 5 more made no difference? Where am I going wrong? thanks, scryan