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  1. Windows 8.1 - Anyone running this?

    I use 8.1 preview atm and quite fine with Modern UI (8.1 ie WP8 style) Those who want classic start menu can also use Classic Shell, and I don't agree that you need touchscreen for W8.1, you can use it in "desktop mode" , just select "go to desktop when login" or so, disable unneeded corner options , install start menu app if you want et voila
  2. Got Greece, not bad for someone from other side of shore (Turkey)
  3. Need "help" about an indie game

    Ok I admit, this is not the best post here , but 0 view is a bit heartbreaking Edit : Seems it was needing a refresh, now its less heartbreaking
  4. First of all I want to apologize if topic is misplaced. I tried chat and sending PM to an Administrator but unfortunately didn't get much response. Then I considered this topic at off-topic first but this part of forum seemed more appropriate later. As title partly suggests, I am about to work on my web based indie game and it will include city building elements. So as a devout Simcity 4 fan, I couldn't think of a better place to ask for help. I am looking for someone(s) to create graphic assets (from very basics like roads, trees to several RCI buildings and utilities) . Game will be isometric and will use prerendered images "almost" like SC4, so in most cases assets here are reusable. I believe there is no need to mention they will be 3D models in BAT forum. At first, there won't be much , just things needed for a prototype but later there will be many elements involved ( like http://oceanquigley.blogspot.com/2010/04/lighting-buildings-in-simcity4.html ) I am not eagerly looking for someone that will do this for "free". When (not if) it becomes commercially available , I will be pleased to offer a full-time job. But for now, I am trying to have a rough estimation about seed capital needed for having a prototype (to seek crowdfunding or round A investment) So, I'll be pleased to hear your "reasonable" (=indie friendly) quotation regarding this (preferably with a portfolio) , I won't dare to ask but any volunteer is also welcomed as well. Thanks in advance.