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  1. So apparently the load and save buttons are interchangeable, and do whatever you don't think they're going to do. It's pretty random. I went from 6k odd people in my little village back to an autosave of 2k when I tried to reload. That was pretty awesome. If there's anything I love to do, it's repeat myself. Also, the buttons for Retail, Factories, and People don't color code and display problems until I click on one of the -other- buttons. Then it shows a problem. Generally speaking, if you're going to have a button display a color status, shouldn't it do that without user interference? Just checking. I love to double check my presumptions. And repeat myself. Problem does not resolve with restart of the game, Steam and the game, or Windows 7, Steam, and the game. Sad panda. :-( Are there more environmentally-friendly waste options available later? I feel like I'm stuck in Sim City 1950s.