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  1. ST's NFL News Discussion

    Yes,Ski, they ran the first defensive play with only 10 men as a tribute to Sean Taylor who was killed last week in Florida.
  2. The Presence Of Being - a MrC CJ - The End

    Yikes Mr C! I've missed a lot! All those updates are so great! The story is wonderful (okay, one "Mary" that doesn't belong in this last update), as usual I'm impressed with your imagination! Keep up the good work and please don't make us wait so long! Vicki
  3. Crystal City | The End of the World is Just the Beginning

    FF - where can I sign up to get one of those suits? As usual, the story is great and the pictures wonderful! I especially like the craft disappearing over the city! And the representation of the AI is very flashy! One question though, How come whenever a guy represents AI he uses a female body/voice?
  4. Protestors attack Bill Maher's show

    I really am having a difficult time with this conspiracy stuff. Having worked for the government ( USAF) for 34 years I know the US government does stupid things but for people to believe that it would crash planes into buildings is beyond incredulous! I have friends who work at the Pentagon, believe me, there was a plane that crashed into the building! As for Mr. Maher, well good for him! I'm glad he kicked those people out! Calling themselves "Truthseekers", they're nothing but rabble trying for their 15 seconds of fame!
  5. Dumbledore is Gay

    I never even suspected that he was gay - of course, I'm oblivious most of the time any way (like I have no cue what DT's reference to Hogwarts means - NO! Don't tell me, I can tell from the reactions I don't want to know!). Furthermore, I don't see what difference it makes. I can understand JKR outing him because she wants the films to stay true to her vision, but his sexual orientation has no bearing on "Harry's" story. Besides, he 'dies' in The Half Blood Prince anyway..... (Sorry if I spoiled the book for anyone)
  6. Crystal City | The End of the World is Just the Beginning

    Yikes! FF what is going on there? I'm loving this story , please keep going! I do have one nit pick - "I wonder if she's pregnant?" Pleassssssssse! Males! Did it even occur to him that she was just concerned about him and not hormonal in any way?
  7. Crystal City | The End of the World is Just the Beginning

    FF, I'm so glad you were able to update again! Whew! Now what? As an observation, it seems like 'bad guys' are the same everywhere!
  8. The Presence Of Being - a MrC CJ - The End

    Hi Mr. C, sorry I haven't commented in a while, just kinda blue so i didn't feel like writing anything (although I have kept up with the updates - well, all but the last!). Something about that city, it almost glows it's so colorful! And I do love the dragon statue! It's always more interesting when the hero/heroine have special powers! What else can she do?
  9. Who here hates Pennies?

    Originally posted by: SpecialEddie Abolishing pennies would make them collector's items (ala 2 dollar bills). They'd be worth more than a cent in the end.quote> I still get two dollar bills when I take my cans and bottles to the recycle center. Those and 50 cent pieces! I make a point of trying to give exact change when I pay for things.
  10. World Trade Center 911 Where were you???

    I had recently retired and was still getting up early (I live on the west coast), and turned on the local news but the national news cast was on and I didn't understand what was going on (I'm not the brightest bulb when I first wake up). As I became more aware as to what was happening, the 2nd plane crashed into the other tower. Then they mentioned that the Pentagon had been hit also. I called one of my friends from work (when the Air Force closed McClellan AFB where I worked some of our people went to the Pentagon to work) to ask her who all had gone to the Pentagon. I found out latter that one of my dear friends worked in the office next to the ones that got hit. Fortunately she had gone to a meeting in another part of the building. My little dog, Ginger, had just come home the day before from a week at Doggie hospital (she'd had stomach cancer and was having trouble recovering from the anesthesia) so the three of us (Fred and Ginger and I) spent the rest of the day cuddled together on the sofa in front of the TV in the den tears streaming down my face. I'll never forget seeing people jump from the buildings before they stopped showing it. I can't imagine trying to decide which way to die - either burning or jumping. I pray for the families of the victims.
  11. The Presence Of Being - a MrC CJ - The End

    I really don't have anything to say, your update left me speechless (a very rare occurrence!) The Black Knight is a her, well that explains everything....
  12. The Presence Of Being - a MrC CJ - The End

    Whew Mr. C, I was seriously beginning to worry about you, since you hadn't updated in such a long time. (or is that 'beginning to seriously worry'?) I was wondering if you had floated away in the flooding back there in the Midwest..... More dessert? If you must..... Ah Ha! I knew the 'black knight' wasn't bad!
  13. Crystal City | The End of the World is Just the Beginning

    FF, I'm so confused, everything that happens makes me wonder more and more "how did they get out of the mess they're in? As usual, your pictures are top rate and the story just keeps us hopping! Keep up the good work, just please, please try to not take so long between updates!
  14. The Presence Of Being - a MrC CJ - The End

    Wow, that green stuff is the ugliest green! It is a really sick color (and not in a good way sick!) looks posionious...
  15. The Presence Of Being - a MrC CJ - The End

    Mr. C, this desert is getting so tedious! I have to make sure I have a bottle of water when I search for your CJ. Move it along now....