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  1. Agree on Cul de Sac and circle road alignment (and placement). I went nuts because the circle road isn't cursur out in a radius but some off-center circle I had to guestimate over and over and over. Also, I keep reading you can see how much each business makes but I can't seem to figure out how you do that. What do you click after you hightlight a business to see that number?
  2. After 1 day, what are your early tips and tricks to pass on? I will start with: bonds, use them for a train station and gambling hall (with add ons) and make the easy money fast and as soon as you can. The bigger casinos are nice but even the "basic" one makes about 10k per day. Ores and mining, can be expensive but worth it if you have a nice field. Hurts like hell when the ore runs out though. Avoid the extra storage in the rading centers if the only reason you have them is to mine. Coal downwind with extra stacks (clean or dirty) is far easier then wind power and the microupgrades every few MW of power. Sewage areas in industrial parks. Never had anyone move their factory because it smelled like poo next door. Since you build industry downwind, that works out for both parties. Upgrade your clinics to extra patient rooms as soon as you can. Once you are warned about over-crowding there are sick people everywhere and you need to destroy buildings (even high density) because of too much death. It takes months to irradicate disease and "germs" even after you have capacity and then dozens of open spots in your clinics. In fact, it never really goes away. (BTW, getting rid of a 20 story building because of "too much death" because one guy got sick and died.... really?) All I hae for now, what about you?