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  1. My experiments with farming...

    Inefficiencies, I'm not sure. Again I wasn't trying at all to see what zone size produced the highest number of jobs or anything of the sort. I merely discovered a formula that calculated within 8 jobs to what the graph showed no matter what size or shape of farms you had. Anyways, not sure what else to say other than the formula works for my cities with farming. Just thought I'd share it with the Simtrop community
  2. Ill Tonkso Park V2

    The pitch, night lighting and stands look great. Reminds me of a Scottish First Division or English Conference Stadium. However, to make it really stand out I think you should have utilized the gray area for marked parking, and maybe added a statue or fountain out front as eye-candy. 9/10
  3. My experiments with farming...

    Originally posted by: Bones1 It's not that complicated. The jobs-query simply shows the number of workers for that particular farm building. But that's not all the jobs there are. There are also jobs for each farm crop tile, which you can't query. So the graph is the total of the building jobs + the crop jobs. (I think it's 1 job per crop tile, IIRC.)quote> I partially agree, but also disagree with you. I believe the game calculates agricultural jobs based on the total citywide agricultural zoning(fully developed) you have which is similar to what you say, but it is certainly not calculated on a crop tile by crop tile + farm building basis. I revisited the farming community from my tests above and started adding up the tiles. - There was a total of 1728 developed tiles for agriculture - 197 of those tiles were occupied by a farm lot/building (including attached vineyards) - The remainder allotted to crops is 1531 tiles - Even factoring in desirability of 77% in my farming community(I simply queried all farm buildings and divided the current occupancy with the max) still returns 1179 (1531*0.77=1178.9) - That would total 1219 agricultural jobs, and the graph shows only 252. Anyways, I feel my method is straight forward(certainly a lot easier then figuring out each lot size and adding them all together) and goes with what infoscott has posted. Again I'll reiterate that you need to look at your city as a whole to figure out how many agricultural jobs you have, querying and calculating individual farms will return some quirky results. Or trust what the graph says, it's about 98% accurate from my experience Cheers
  4. My experiments with farming...

    I also was puzzled as to why the job stats listed for a farm lot (i.e. querying a barn) differed from the Jobs I-AG number in graph view. After reading this thread and a few others on the topic, I decided to test infoscott's (post above) theory. Originally posted by: infoscott If you want to measure jobs on a farm at some particular time, count how many human legs show up to work and divide by two. The Route Query tool will tell you that. Sometimes desirability has more to do with how much moonshine the sharecropper drank the night before. I find that field hands hire on at a rate of about 1 every 15 tiles to 1 every 30 tiles, depending on the type of crop.quote> I set out building a test farming community with rectangular lots of varying large size, and let it run for a few years without touching anything. I paused the game, selected the route tool, hovered over each farm, added the cars & freight truck numbers together and divided by 2, finally I selected the query tool and added the numbers of all current jobs to the previous number. Test #1 Data: (Cars+Freight)/2 + Current Jobs on farm (300+79)/2 + 37 = 227 vs. graph showing 239 I-AG jobs Basically the formula was still off by about 12 jobs from the graph Calculating max capacity jobs instead of current/actual gives: (300+79)/2 + 46 = 236 Only off by 3 jobs from what is displayed in the graph Test #2 I than decided to bulldoze all the agriculture let it regrow, and see what the results were. The city was simulated for a game year and the farms grew in a totally different configuration than before (same lot sizes, but different farms on each). Results: (270C+78F)/2 + 52Max Cap = 226 The graph showed 234 I-AG jobs were in the city (off by 8 this time) Test #3 I did one last test. This time I rezoned a lot of small farms (8x8 and 4x4), plus I kept a few of the larger ones. Results: (244C+83F)/2 + 85Max Cap = 249 The graph showed 252 I-AG jobs in the city (once again off by 3) Conclusions (what this has taught me) 1.The formula could be off a little simply due the game rounding certain numbers up or down versus, what is shown in data views. 3 or 8 is certainly a lot less variance then querying every farm lot and adding the numbers together, and comparing it to the graph for I-AG jobs. 2. The jobs seem to be calculated citywide based on total zoned agricultural land, rather than individual farms and their associated desirability. Case in point, during one of my tests I had 3 16x16 farms in a row surrounded on all 4 sides by street Farm #1 was an Alvin's Acre The farm lot occupied a 3x2 space and queried 5/6 current jobs (or 83% occupancy) route query showed 55 cars going to and 13 freight leaving the farm Farm #2 was a Barthelet Stables Lot occupied a 3x2 space and queried 7/8 jobs (88% occupancy) route query showed 44 cars and 13 freight Farm #3 again an Alvin's Acre However, it occupied a 10x8 space and queried full occupancy 6/6 rout query showed only 31 cars and 10 freight at this farm If the game calculated I-AG jobs based on each zoned lot, I would say Farm #2 should have the most traffic and jobs generated, followed by Farm #1, and Farm #3 (farm #3 being least, because there was only 6x8 tiles of crops left after the farm lot was built). 3. This was not a test to show wheter zoning large farms or small farms was more efficient. Rather it was only to show a way of calculating the correlation between actual data in your farming community and what the graph shows in agricultural jobs.
  5. lego fire station

    Would be interesting to see your colorful city, full of lego and monopoly pieces :P An accomplishment if the windows lit up at night.