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  1. New video interview and recent articles

    I have just watched the video and the game looks great so far. To all the people complaining about multiplayer is I don't see what the big deal is. They said you could have an entire region to your self, that's 16 cities I know the size isn't what everyone is looking for but you could focus cities on different sectors. Also I'm glad there is no terraforming it adds more of a challenge to getting your city up and running. Just my opinion.
  2. New video interview and recent articles

    maybe he meant there is 16 cities per region but you could have several cities in that region meaning that other people could join, so you could have 4 players with 4 cities? Maybe? Just an idea.
  3. My mrs is getting the new imac when it comes out, i was just wondering if this would work smoothly on it, im assuming it would because its the latest mac, the only thing i could see being a problem would be the graphics card but im sure its capable, it uses the nvidia gefroce gt 640m at 512mb http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/shop_mac/family/imac
  4. Well I won't be preordering because my computer isn't good enough to play this, was thinking of building one but looking at £700. I would build it for the this game, a lot of other pc games interest me but mostly this one. However not going to build a pc just for this so that's another sale lost, it's a shame because the game does look good so far.
  5. Would the intel I3 3rd gen be a good processor for this game?
  6. I know it's pretty old but was just wondering if it would be able to do the job Intel pentium dual CPU e2160 @ 1.80ghz (2 CPUs)