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  1. Getting the Oil Refinery

    When you upgrade the Petroleum HQ the first time, do you get to choose between the Commerce Division and the Refining Division?
  2. Getting the Oil Refinery

    Am I correct in saying that the Refinery Division requires 800k daily profits to unlock?
  3. Getting the Oil Refinery

    The first Petroleum HQ upgrade (for 160k daily profits) only gets you Commerce division. This is doable, and I just got it. The next upgrade (800k daily profits) gets you the Refinery division, which finally allows the construction of the Oil refinery. At the current rate of 4.5k per 1,000 barrels, you'd need approximately a dozen Trade Depots with about 50 oil storage upgrades filled to max when the day starts. Then you kick in the exports and rake in the 800k. Thing is it makes NO sense to have to build so many Trade depots to reach that amount. Feels like crude oil should be worth a lot more on the market.
  4. Getting the Oil Refinery

    FIVE Trading Depots at full oil stock upgrade? Am I reading correctly?
  5. Getting the Oil Refinery

    I think you have to level up your Petrol HQ, which requires BIG daily profits from oil. Endureth, what kind of oil production did you have going to get it to unlock?
  6. I was wondering if anyone unlocked the Oil Refinery yet. Seems to me the requirements are pretty high! I have 3 oil wells positioned on high oil-yield land (for a total of about 12 oil jacks), a Trade depot, and also the Petroleum HQ. Now I need a Daily profit of 160,000 in the HQ to upgrade it, and I'm about half way there, but the number seems to stagnate (or is VERY slow to increase). I need the upgrade to eventually get the Oil Refinery!! Any tips on increasing the daily profits of the HQ? Should I dramatically increase my oil production to get there?