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  1. Bay Area Members

    That's a little far. Unless you have a private jet, that is!
  2. Bay Area Members

    Haha! If you manage to figure that out, let me know!
  3. Hey guys -- quick question: Any members here located in the San Francisco Bay Area? If so, shoot me a private message. Thanks!
  4. Simcity shirt

    So..... any chance we can buy these? I've seen the comps on twitter, and for the most part are inaccessible to normal working Aussies because we're asleep when you put the giveaway up. Also don't like my chances of winning one against the hordes. So..... how much to buy one? XL please (if the cars drive on the left, I'll pay $5 more!) It would be nice if we could sell those, right? Right now, we don't have any plans, but if anything changes, I'll let y'all know.
  5. ILL Tonkso's Review of SimCity

    Keep in the mind the demo you played is not only pre-alpha, but also doesn't contain all the features you'll find in the full game. Like, for instance, the ability to tinker with taxes -- you'll still be able to do that, just like you could in the previous SimCity games. All that micromanaging is definitely in the game, we're just trying to present it in a much more visually appealing and intuitive way (via the many data layers we have in the game). Appreciate your honest opinion, though. Hopefully you'll get a chance to try the Beta once that starts (sorry, guys -- no new info at this time!) and you can better judge the game once you play around with it more.
  6. Simcity shirt

    FYI: We'll be giving away more shirts soon! That reminds me -- I still need to send these out! Haha.
  7. I Played SimCity at PAX

    Sorry I'm late to reply (been so busy after PAX), but I want to thank neil5280 for writing this. Appreciate the honest and constructive look at our demo.
  8. PAX

    Not at this time, only because we'd rather release high-quality videos as opposed to videos shot from a screen. We'll have some gameplay videos soon, though. Yes, really!
  9. PAX

    Sweet! Been reminding people at PAX to sign up.
  10. PAX

    I did get a chance to read your write-up! Awesome job on that. As far as Beta dates go, I wish I could tell you right now -- haha! We'll be releasing more info about the Beta soon. I promise! I think we've been over this before, but I'll just say it again -- the team built the game from ground up to be an online game. End of story. However, I still think you should give the multiplayer features a shot. You never know, man -- you want actually like it. A lot.
  11. PAX

    No worries, man! Smart thinking. Can't argue with that logic. Have fun wherever you are! Soon! I know the wait has been long, but it's coming. Trust me! Sweet! If you stop by, definitely say hello! Yeah, this show certainly isn't the grand spectacle that was Gamescom as we're sharing the booth with our buds at NVIDIA. Still really stoked more people get to play the game. Did you have a chance to play the game in Germany?
  12. PAX

    Hey everyone -- anyone going to PAX this weekend? We’ll be in the NVIDIA booth (#3747) with two playable stations, so definitely come check us out if you have the time. I'll be there all weekend, so if you see me, feel free to say hello!
  13. Sim City Insider

    We put up a Global Market commentary from our Lead Designer, Stone Librande, last Friday. Expect more stuff for the future, too.
  14. We also won the Best PC Game Award at Gamescom (http://bit.ly/OarA99). So stoked! The team here worked really hard to create a kickass demo, so it's really awesome to see how much people enjoyed playing the game last week.
  15. I'm really wouldn't worry about the fun wearing off. There's SO many different ways you can play the game, it's kinda ridiculous, actually. Especially when you factor in region play, striving to top different leaderboards (biggest polluter, highest Mayor rating, etc.) and all the different challenges (all part of the SimCity World features we announced last week). Because we'll be able to put out new challenges on a regular basis, there will always be fun stuff to do in the game. BTW: That reddit write-up is really informative. Really cool that he took the time to do that (he played the game four times -- that's hardcore!). Can you give us an idea as to what types of challenges there are? The idea sounds pretty neat. Certainly! There's going to be a variety of different challenges in the game that will require you to really think about how you play. Some may be simple (build a University City like pyanodon mentioned) while others may encourage you to band together with the global SimCity community to complete a specific task (create X # of jobs, for instance). We'll be doing them quite regularly, too, so it'll be fun to come back and see what the newest challenge is. Look out for a commentary about the all the SImCity World features very, very soon.