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  1. Where can I download Sc4Mapper/Terriformer?

    the mapper link download i cant find in the sim deveotion site? any other links you recommend?
  2. Hi all This has been driving me nuts all day yesterday. I can't seem to load any of the maps from the Simtropolis website to my Sim City 4 game. I tried loading region and pressing CTRL, ALT, SHIFT & R but it won't load any of them. All I get is a gridded green terrain without water and not the actual map at all! Can someone help out as I'm not sure what is wrong with my game!! Thanks in advance for your help!! Cheers Marlon
  3. Simcity 4 doesn't load new regions

    This happens to me too. What was the solution?
  4. Installing a Region Downloaded from the STEX

    Yeah it doesn't seem to be loading for me either. I tried installin the region from this site and I only get the previous region or a region with just the green terrain without any water. Any response to this??