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  1. SimCity: Gameplay

    I really really hope that it forces you to invite your friends to help build the great works or atleast let you spend £1 or maybe £2 for each resource so you can just build it yourself to save time. To make things better, how about adding in a system where you can expand your cities a bit at a time for a bit extra money... it would really keep me playing because I would have invested so much time and real money into my city I'll just have to carry on playing and paying for me things. I haven't got enough money in my SimTown? How about putting a feature in so I can just quickly and easily buy some more? And how about those gold coins that are in every facebook game? How about putting them in there too because you know how popular they are, then you can release "Top-Up" cards like they have done with FarmVille. And hopefully they will link SimCity with facebook and twitter and give you rewards for "Sharing" pictures or regions with friends there. I can't wait to socialise with all my internet friends on this game. [end of sarcasm] Seriously, this is what I think will happen to this game... a glorified facebook game. (really loved SC4 aswell) How about make a game where you don't need some random internet friends to help build something, How about implimenting Single-Player mode so people can build what they like when they like and save when they like and have fun like we all did with the past SimCity games. I loved Blowing my city up with Meteors earthquakes one second and then reloading the save and carrying on with it the next. I enjoyed making Huge region-wide cities with interconnecting motorways and railways, placing landmarks (that were free and didn't come in "sets") all around my downtown area and making farms on the outskirts, creating rivers that go through my cities so I could have ferries or cruises running through them. I Enjoyed SimCity for what it was, I never touched the online aspect and I'm pretty sure most of you here didn't either. SimCity wasn't about socialising or competing and it definately had nothing to do with facebook. It was a game that inspired creativity and imagination where you could recreate your dream cities or just make one up as you go along. Maybe you wanted to see if you could run a full agricultural region, or even an indistrual one or a complex combination of the three zoning features, you could do all of that. I have a major feeling this is going to go the way of "Spore", did anyone here see the 2005 demo videos? wow. compared that to the "a game for everyone" pile of rubbish that was the Retail version. I only enjoyed the Molecular and creature stage of that game, everything else was just boring and uninspired. Anyway, I'm drivelling on now... Sorry about this rant. As an Apology, here is a picture of a cute cat