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  1. Old Palm Homes

    Welcome to the foothills of Old Palm City where people have beautiful panoramic views of the city and of the valley! Houses run for expensive prices, but it does have some rewards for living up here. Water is hard to get with the desert lifestyle,but is produced by the irrigation canal at the edge of the city and runs through the whole metro area, and this is a source of aqua for farms and people. This area is in a wet spell from all of the rain and is producing green trees and beautiful flowers! Thank you for reading!
  2. Old Palm City: outskirts of Lorenzo

    Here's a new community out in Old palm! This is it's new shopping center! Old Palm is very recent considering the name it holds, but more development is under way here and maybe something fun will come in the coming updates! Thankyou for reading!
  3. Sure is hot where I live... Wheres the ice cream truck when you need them!!!??

  4. Lorenzo: Facts & Information

    Welcome to Lorenzo! This city is located in the state of Reveros. Lorenzo is a metropolitan area of the Southwest Desert and is growing rapidly from people all over the country moving here . Here is the flag of the( fictional )state of Reveros. The brown represents mountains and how dry it is and the stars represent the future of the city. State of Reveros flag is pretty easy to understand... Here's some facts: Climate: Summer Highs: 90-110*F Winter Highs: 55-85*F Precip: 9.3 in. per year. Thankyou! Please comment and I'll make a new update!
  5. Rapides Parish Courthouse

    I like it it blends with other downtown buildings.
  6. Rapides Parish Courthouse

    I like it it blends with other downtown buildings.
  7. I had Mc Donalds.... Now I'm in the E.R :)

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      Oh my! I knew McDonald's food was unhealthy (and quite frankly, gross), but how did you end up in the E.R.?

    2. twitts12345


      i'm just kiddding... XD

  8. First off in creating a region: Wellingham itself

    [color=#0000FF][i][b][font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I like your creation, i usually build cities on flat land because it's hard making hill kind of cities, but good job! [/font][/b][/i][/color]
  9. Buggabaloo City

    Wow not good!