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  1. You are definitely not the only one having this issue. I have an Arcology under construction that routinely, during the same session in the same city, will go from 100% completion of TVs to suddenly only 25% completed. It will then vary for the entire time. I even had one city give me the little check-mark for completing alloy to the site, then immediately the site indicated I had only delivered 150/1000 alloy. Very confused.
  2. Detroit - Michigan

    Ok, I've been playing SC4 for a long time, but I'll be honest, I never imported a custom region before. When I import this one, I am not getting the entire thing. I don't get Lake St Clair, nor the Detroit River. No water at all. All I get is a huge green map with the cutout to the "east." Am I the only one? I am very certain it is just something I'm doing wrong....
  3. Detroit - Michigan

    I tried doing this long ago, and was frustrated with the fact that the water level in SC4 is absolute. With SE Michigan, there are so many lakes at varying levels above Lake St Clair, that you cannot get them to realistically appear on the map. The result is what you got here: A map with only Lake St Clair and the Detroit River as water features. I like it, but it just looks so plain. Is it possible to get at least the Rouge and Clinton Rivers in there? 5/5 for effort. I'm definitely downloading it.