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  1. power generation.

    Ok i can build cities and get them running, but there's a problem: there's never enough electricity to go around! You have to wait a while to get the wind farms which seem to make little differance no matter how many you have and the games single power plant consumes money but dosen't generate much power. Is there a way to fix this? a mod or something, i'm having loads of trouble making my resource meter turn green for more than a few seconds, water and oil are fine and i've plenty of farms but its a case of 'all sinking an' no power!!' One good thing though i took a bankrupt city and turned it around, now its in profit! great, i've definatly got the lobes for business!
  2. hello all

    i don't have any mods, only a patch which installed the day i got the game, will F1 still help me adjust the top bar to the centre of the screen instead of being over to the left?
  3. hello all

    Hi all, i'm just joining up as a new player after a time on SM4 and having watched a lot of XL on you tube i thought i'd give it a try. Well just how different it is! couple of minor niggles getting going though: 1) whats the best resolution to play on? 2)the main task bar at the top of the screen is slewed over to the left and i cant keep an eye on my finances, how can i fix this? 3) some of my roads have small green triangular patches in then like the rendering isn't complete is this fixable? I'm playing XL platinum on windows 7 other than that is a great game.
  4. Simple really, in order to get commercial working really well what you need are good transport connections, the bigger the better. If you want to get your sims to work they need to drive, take the subway or go by train, an avenue through the centre of a commercial district will promote good transport levels, after all you need to get delivery trucks in and out, stock needs to move and above all the sims need to be able to get to the shops to spend their hard earned simoulians, on some of my cities i've got avenues around my commercial centres and they grow like stink i simply cant keep up with the demand sometimes, besure you road them as well put in busses and subways to take the pressure off congestion. Take a look at some real cities you will find shopping centres always sited around large transport hubs, use these as the inspriation in building your own cities.
  5. TV Shows: What are you into right now?

    For me its a regular dose of real sci fi(not that useless channel that shows wrestling!) but real science fiction; at the moment is (what else) Blood and Chrome the latest Battlestar Galactica installment, i love this whole story and i remember the original from so long ago; the new take is just what we imagined it would really would be like.As with many of the fans i'm trying my hand at writing an adventure set in the genre, so far it tops 280 A4 pages and 111k words, and i'm in the second revision.. well its a work in progress! Then there was sanctuary and all the other space shows but not SG universe i thought the story was dying towards the end of Atlantis. I'm eagerly awaiting Game of thrones series three, what a show: real medival sword and scorcery; being English i can appreciate the dark ages feel as my countryies history encompassed such times. But since both Fox (all right i watched Terra Nova too, i was sorry to se it fall by the way side)and Sci-fy both cancelled all the good shows i sent my digi box back in protest and cancelled my subscription and (for England)my TV licence, thank goodness for things like (cough)E-mule
  6. I've been getting a bit fustrated of late, i do some work relativly close up on a city and then save it (most of the time) then i go to zoom out using the mouse wheel and guess what: crash to desktop! I have a relativly modern PC its only three years old and this has begun to happen more and more; i've tried using the games zoom button as well with a one in three chance i'll get A CTDT. is it a sympton of an over clocked graphics card or processor or is it the game playing silly devils just for the hell of it? I've got a dual core 1gb processor and Navia graphics driver built in, is it anything i should be concerned over? any advice would be appreciated
  7. you could try this: i built a goodly sized one yesterday using this method. On a medium tile follow this procedure hit pause (very important) 1)set up a network of avenues creating a 3 x3 grid of spaces 2)make sure you put tool booths on the each avenue just before it goes off the tile. save it 3) zone an area of medium or high residential to one side put the industry and as close as you can put in the commercial, fill the rest with agriculteral land and a small airport. 'weakness pays' replenish your money. 4) put in the power water and waste, use the black hole corp water and waste and the star wars turbine, nice and cheap. 5)Put in the water pipes just make a simple grid across the tile. replenish your money save it 6) Put in essential services; use the police admin building, treasury and the customs house; put them more or less in the center of the commercial district. 7)Put the education complex in the middle of you residential district and the medium default hospital next to it, . Replenish you money and save it Thats all you need do for now building wise go to you finances block and reduce the funding on the airport to 40%, set the safety funds to just below the white line, you wont need ambulances or school buses yet so don't fund them, set the services as above and reduce government spending to around $40. save it one more time and then let the games begin. Its bang and crash but it works for me; you've got to be quick to keep up with 'moaning murtle' but its worth it. The results were good last night 120k sims, positive demand and loads of money.after 5 game years. Good hunting!
  8. Zone Demand Chart Explanation?

    Peaks like this means you have lots of demand for basic residential housing so you can go ahead and zone for low density housing,you also show slight demand for medium density commercial and lots of demand for agriculture so zone for farms and add in a small medium density industrial zone.. The rule of thumb is peaks above: there's demand, peaks below demand has fallen off, keep an eye on this graph throughout the game usally at one year intervals and zone accordingly, also check out the tutorials in the game they will help you along..
  9. Scariest level/boss in a video game you've done

    Oh definatly the Flood from Halo, ive got no problem fighting the Aliens, its the flood i hated, the programmer who designed them was a real sadist! Mind you Space Marine is a real pain i've been stuck there for ages.
  10. North Korea's New Nuclear Test

    M.a.d never worked that well any way neither does appeasement , North Korea is in a total shambles; communisum has all but destroyed any semblance of civalised life now they are a threat to any democracy within range. Its just like Iran if a religious nut job has a bomb; THEY WILL USE IT, because they have no moral consionce not to like the more enlightened nations. All this will eventually come to a head; either North Korea will collapse under its own failings or they'll go out in a so called 'blaze of glory' As for the Chinese; they have a choice; invade and occupy north Korea which will draw the self important Americans in to it or sit back and do nothing to stop the far east burning. There are other opinions; here's a good book to read on this subject: Dale Browns 'Battle Born' he had a different take on this but its just as relavent.
  11. The hardest level in a video game? Without doubt it would be Tomb raider 'Underworld' the level in mexico, all the inca traps, bugs and living dead, it was hell to play and i never did get it exactly right. Second only to that is Tomb raider anniversary 'St Franiss folly'; i just got through it; IT TOOK SEVEN HOURS OF VERY NERVOUS GAMEPLAY!!! God's dammit, that was hard work. Funny thing is i thought TR 'Legend' was easy by comparison.
  12. You think Dinnozo? SC4 will still be going when SC5 fails spectaculary!, 4 is the superior game and a lot more interesting, from what i've seen on you tube i'm not that impressed with 5 so i'm staying put. Besides i'm saving my money for the new Tomb Raider.
  13. Meeting all needs for all cities necessary?

    This is whats called infrastructure; without water NOTHING will function; as soon as you zone put in whatever water you want to use and put a grid of pipes in straight away, if you runs short of money use the 'weaknesspays' cheat to replenish your resorces. Don't worry about Holidays just concentrate on the essential services: fire, police, health, schools, water and sewerage and of course the roads to connect them all. Schools and health services go in the center of the residential district and the rest put in the 'town center' in your commercial district. As you build look how your own town is laid out; schools are where people live and the bits that run the town are in the center where the shops are.
  14. Overwhelmed Here On Simtropolis

    There are indeed larger schools available; the Education complex is the same as four elementary schools in one lot, it covers a vast area and caters for up to 4k pupils, there's larger high schools and colleges as well, they may be expensive to run but they're well worth it, just keep the teacher pupil ratio to 1:10 and the bus service as tight in as you can to your residential areas and you'll have no problems. Just type 'schools' into the search function in the stex and you'll find all you need without any tedious page by page searching. As for dependancies; they're a fact of life i'm afraid so just 'keep calm and carry on' collecting them and sign up for SC4 Devotion when prompted its well worth it.
  15. Region connections?

    transport connections do matter and they do carry over; on the region i'm building i have a grid of avenues streching from top to bottom of the region so traffic can flow freely from city to city, don't worry about rail it dosen't work like that, the next step for me will be a region wide subway system, i wonder if that will really get things moving, keep up your roads and avenues across your region and connect them all up in a logical fashion and then watch your sims go on a road trip!