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  1. I have sc4 deluxe. Have the code and everything. Is it possible?
  2. I'm saying that sky scrapers are not appearing. I have 1 stage 8 called Chong Inc but the building doesnt seem to be to tall.
  3. I have a few questions about the MAVE-6

    one arrow points in and one out for the regular roads/aves that came with the game.
  4. I have a few questions about the MAVE-6

    Both arrows are still pointing to neighbor but seems like they are traveling back and forth np now.
  5. I have a few questions about the MAVE-6

    I just did what you said but both yellow arrows still point going out to the neighbor.
  6. I have a few questions about the MAVE-6

    Yeah. How do I do it? Do I build the 6 lance ave, run it all the way as far as it will go to the neighbor and plop the connector at the edge?
  7. When ever I delete the 4 lane ave in the pic below and replace the ave with the 6 lane medianless ave, all the houses you see in the pic get the icon above them and abandoned due to long commute time. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Shouldn't the 6 lane ave make the commute shorter? My second question. I don't know if I'm connecting the 6 lane avenue to my neighbor city right. Because both arrows on both sides of the ave point going out to neighbor city. Not one is pointing in. Can anyone help? I really want the 6 lane ave but its making commute worse.
  8. Well, Ive seen Cs$ start, then a month passes by and it turns into a Co$$$ office. I use the small zones too.. I wanna see more Cs$ in my city.
  9. The demand for cs$ is the highest, yet the only jobs that appear when I zone for commercial are $$ and $$$. The graph shows that $cs jobs is below 10. 10 jobs! Compared to the thousands of $$$ and $$ commercial jobs. Anyone know how to get $cs? Edit: Looks like my r$ are working in the $$$ and $$ commercial places. Maybe I don't need $cs? Another question. Is there any kind of transition pieces or connector pieces to make a ramp for the single tile 4 land ave? Another question. If there isnt a connector piece, will I have to use the Real Highway Network and bulldoze the grey highway? See how the 2 lanes turn into one at the ramp? Is there a way to make it 4 lanes all the way with the ramp?
  10. I just got the Editor but cant find any of my buildings. I'm using this list http://www.simcitycentral.net/buildinglist/index.php for guidance too but when I search for a specific building, like for example, these apartments, I don't see a matching picture in the editor. Is the editor out dated or something?
  11. I noticed the roundabouts is less congestion than the crossing intersections. Is there like a 6 lane roundabout to download or something? Edit: Do Skyscrapers get much taller than this blue office? This is the biggest building in my city. It is a lvl 8 with over 4k workers in it.
  12. Is there any kind of fix to this?

    Is it RealHighway Mod http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/19188-realhighway-mod-for-windows/ or Rural highway mod?
  13. Is there any kind of fix to this?

    What is RWH? Should I use that instead of the avenue?
  14. I have 50k commercial jobs in my city. 20k of them are $$$co and 20k $$co jobs. 12k hitech jobs. City Population is 135k total, with 18k being $$$ and 60k being $$. Around 12k manufacturing jobs. I have everyone well educated police, fire stations all over. International airport, the convention center and stock exchange, movie studios etc. I have it all. Anyone know what the deal is? Another question. Is it normal to have very little commercial service jobs? $, $$ and $$$cs all are below 5k jobs. My taxes are at 8% for $$cs and $$cs but 9% for $cs. And 7% for $$$/$$co jobs.