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  1. Palm Island is the Aquamarina Atoll's most advanced, and beautiful island. The capital of the Atoll, Citrus City, takes up the entire island with the exception of the steep cliffs that lead up to the peak of Mt. Billow, an active Pacific volcano.
  2. Welcome to the Aquamarina Atoll! Our beautiful island nation has some of the world's finest resorts, casinos, beaches, resturaunts, and entertainment! The city planners from all of our nation's islands are hoping for input, and tourists. So, let's talk about the details in our Republic. CIA Nation Facts: Name: Aquamarina Atoll Capital: Citrus City (152,000) Largest Cities: Citrus City, Shimmer City (103,000), Topaz Town (1,240) Peak: Mt. Catastrophe (4,267 ft. above sea level) The islands that makeup the Atoll are: Palm Island Vice Island Circa Island Lemon Island Pearl Island Coral Island The Lime Cluster The Obsidian Cluster Island of Mida The cities and towns of the Atoll are: Citrus City Shimmer City Topaz Town Lemon Village Apple Bay Mortar Town Crystal City Coral Industrial Center Shortly we will be updating our tourism page with ads and satellite images of our island, please stay tuned! Thanks, The Republic of the Aquamarina Atoll Central Bureau of Tourism and Advertisment
  3. Dutch Fire & Ambulance Vans

    I would bet money that 50%+ of the people who commented in any language but English, went to Google Translate in order to do it... But either way the skins are amazing.