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  1. SOMY Antenna Tower HRB

    I even tried setting it to 0.00, still red, tried changing fire stage as well... I dunno. I am getting tired of the FD pop up saying it's such a fire hazard. :(
  2. SOMY Antenna Tower HRB

    Very cool file, only one little thing... the flammability. I can completely surround it with fire stations, and it is still a tinderbox. I tried editing it with the reader proggie, but still a glaring red on the fire hazard map. Any ideas?
  3. Detroit Michigan

    Ah, finally, someone gives the Motor City the Sim honor it deserves... being a paramedic in the detroit area, I can not only appreciate this map, but I tell you, going to build the road grid MUCH more logically, none of the spoked wheel o' frustration. THANKS!
  4. Uniroyal Tire

    OMG!!!! YOU are SO cool! I drive by that almost every day and was actually considering trying to make this for simcity. You did it before me, therefore, you rock! Thanks a ton.