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  1. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    I've updated the metro map for my city, Edonton. I've also done two line maps for display on the trains. Also two pictures of two street level subway entrances
  2. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    I took inspiration from Benedict's maps and the Paris Metro map to create this map of my city's subway network. It's not finished yet as you can see from the station names
  3. Show us your area's highways

    Does anyone know what's the widest motorway and widest motorway bridge in Europe is?quote> The Kingston Bridge where he M8 crosses the River Clyde in Glasgow is one of the widest bridges in Europe at 10 lanes across. It now carries about 5x the amount of traffic it was built to carry. It's also one of the busiest in Europe. Just before the M77 and M8 merge the motorway is 16 lanes (including shoulders) When the M77 merges with the M8 it is a massive 18 lanes:
  4. Show us your area's highways

    Glasgow has a pretty exstensive motorway/freeway network and has the only motorway in the UK that cuts directly through the city centre. Future Projects (Yellow) http://www.m74completion.com/ http://www.m80steppstohaggs.com http://www.m8completion.com/ The merge of the M8 and the M74 is one of the widest motorways in Europe. The Kingstone bridge is the busiest and widest road bridge in Europe. An old picture Under Construction The aproach to the bridge from the city centre Another crazy Junction The widest non-divided part. 5 lanes each way The M80 splits away from the M8 The M73 ends onto the M74 The M8 and M73
  5. Show us your area's highways

    Here's a map showing glasgow's (scotland) highways and theres more than people on this forum realise. Here are some pictures of the main interchanges that are numbered on the map above. This is the widest part of the m8 and the widest motorway in the UK Here is the m8 Kingston bridge over the clyde. It's 8 lanes wide each way and is the busiest and widest bridge in Europe.
  6. Ace Casinos Glasgow

    Yay 1st comment
  7. Whitehall Commerce Center

    My downloads have been taking ages. It must be because simtropolis moved servers because before that my downloads would go at 90KB/s but now they go at 10KB/s at best. This is a really cool building. I like the simplistic look to it. 9/10
  8. COCKER drive

    Ok for a 1st but get some textures, but most people do badly on their first try. Not sure if this should have been uploaded
  9. SimCity498 ScraperShopping

    Terrible!!!! Change the color of the writing
  10. Skunk Financial Chicago Style Office

    damn bjflatman beat me to it!!!
  11. Skunk Financial Chicago Style Office

    Yay 1st comment this is really good and will fit in with my chicago style region.
  12. Walmart

    This is really good. Would it be possible to do an ASDA here in the U.K. ASDA is part of the "WalMart Family". I would prefer an ASDA or Tesco but this is still really good.
  13. Matrix Sign

    these are electronic signs that are made up of loads of lights they warn you of accidents or roadworks they are every where here in Britian on the motorways/highways
  14. Highway Signs

    If u live in UK and the cars drive on the left just download the left to right driving switch in the mods section. PS Cool signs ive been waiting for ages and they are finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!101010101010