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  1. Unlocker mod for CXL

    @Aspire: I recommend to use the Unpacker from generation-city.com as this unpacker can open all files from CXL. It also converts those MC-DDS files into ordinary DDS files so that changing any textures is now possible without complicated procedures... You can even create "new" buildings by duplicating certain objects/buildings or just changing some textures. http://www.generation-city.com/citiesxl/pakunpak/English.html @mrdazza_460: See sandbox-mod by moaku: http://www.citiesxs.net/forum/index.php/topic,1116.0.html
  2. Unlocker mod for CXL

    Well, it is moaku who has firstly created this unpacker tool. Globex is just the distributor - so to say. I have seen moaku messing around with his unpacker back in September 2009. Until the death of the PO we did not want it to be released as it could be misused as a cheat-tool. However, there were more clever people like Okeanos who also had their own unpackers. It was just a matter of time. Just as small hint: Our friends from www.génération-city.com have released their own unpacker/repacker which is rich in possibilities and features. Just have a look at it: http://www.generation-city.com/citiesxl/pakunpak/English.html
  3. Unlocker mod for CXL

    @Gamur: It is possible to unlock a train station. Therefore just wait for the upcoming modification. Furthermore one might place the trains on ordinary streets (as a substitute for cars) but that does not look too good...that is why some of our users changed the textures of the streets so that they look like real tracks. You cannot use the default tracks as Monte Cristo was not able (or had not the time) to construct suitable crossings of tracks...so changing the textures and creating own tracks is the only solution so far for a functionable rail-network in CXL.. See NAM for SC4 as an example. In CXL, however, puzzle-pieces cannot exist as we have endless possibilites of crossings (360° + different number of crossing tracks). Consequently crossings will be hard to solve...
  4. Unlocker mod for CXL

    @Wyllman: I do not use any translator. @GlobexCO: As far as I know one of our users is already using his own unlocker-modification. It should be ready for distribution soon. PS: I still have no answer from mudder but I am sure he will reply.
  5. Unlocker mod for CXL

    @Wyllman: All modding-related threads are still in an internal forum. Nothing has been deleted (death downloadlinks may exist nevertheless but that should not be a problem). I asked mudder to transfer the internal forum to the English modding forum so that it would coexist there as a subforum. I doubt that Okeanos is going to participate either in the forums or in the modding-scene in general...he has been inactive for several months.
  6. Unlocker mod for CXL

    @Mr. Tom: Personally I do not see any problems concerning the release of some mods and tutorials since the game's death is a settled matter... Nevertheless I´ll talk to mudder as he is the webmaster of CitiesXS. Expect a definite answer tomorrow.
  7. It should be finished before PO ends. Nevertheless an open distribution is necessarily planned after the 8.3.2010 because SP-players do not possess any busses at the moment. (And the tram will replace one certain type of bus) Of course the release is planned for CitesXS.com. It might happen that a French description will be added at Generation-City.com as we do not provide French forums, but finally everything is easier to control when uploading it all together at one page. I mean, uploading things, changing descriptions etc. are easier to manage when you have everything "gathered on one single page".
  8. How do I get fuel?

    Just download it, extract it to the correct direction and play the game. In the options menu you´ll see immediately that something was added. There you can add extra money, change prices for Omnicorp and last but not least you may decide to enable all ressources on every map. Sorry, but I have got only this out-dated picture:
  9. Invitation to the end of the world party

    I have asked our community manager today whether it would be possible to write an official news about this event. Furthermore I asked for an extra "Party-PO-Day" (free 1-day-subscriptions), but he just said that this will most probably not happen. He told me that he could organize a news for the next week-end but then even less people will still have access to the PO. That is why we would not profit from an official news although it would have been a nice gesture.
  10. He is the single author as he is the one who unlocked the railtracks, as he managed to put the trains onto the tracks and he is the one who is changing the layouts of the streets. There might be some people who have contributed by creating some single textures but that is all. So basically haltendehand is the single author which should be mentioned when talking about trams. It is senseless to mention every single, tiny contribution such as small textures, translations, advice etc. Compared to "inventing" or "getting behind" the theoratical steps, creating some descriptions/textures is no big deal. That is why mentioning every contributor is practically rather senseless than helpful.
  11. How do I get fuel?

    It depens on which mode you play. In the singleplayer-mode you need to import fuel from Omnicorp. If you prefer beeing indepented you might use our sandbox-mode. It features that all ressources are everywhere on every map. Furthermore you can set the omnicorp buy- and sell prices dynamically. That should solve your problem.
  12. @mrdazza: It should be possible to create an "exchange-tile" so that the tram can go on both tracks (on streets or seperate railtracks). As a consequence you could leave a small gap between two adjusted streets in order to place a seperate railtrack in between there. This way your tram would be situated in the middle.
  13. Here you can see the current status of our tramlinks. The appoximate release date is end of february. Author: haltendehand I´ll give you further information once we have anything new. Please see this thread (French) for all images (Sorry, hate to change VB-codes into html. Furthermore this is the only post including all photos. Sorry.) PS: There are also updates from the Cameramod, Plazamod, Terraforming Mod, Bulldozer Mod and Sandbox Mod. Please be sure of using the latest versions! Here is a guide how to create selfmade avenues in Cities XL using the improved Plaza Mod: www.CitiesXS.de Have fun when using our mods!
  14. Max City/Population size

    @Leviathan: Whay not using mods in order to trade people, to work on the terrain etc? See Modding Index!