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  1. Seven disaster in two hours

    So far what it looks like to me, is if your city is in very good balance, and money is good, they happen. almost like the game doesn't want you to get bored when you get it right. I had a small population (compared to you pros) of about 200,000, positive income of about 8k, great profits from the processor factory, very happy industrial with high education and tech. things were rolling perfectly. I had a couple million in the treasury. then i got hit with 2 disasters almost back to back. the city was only in year 4 I believe. But thankfully since i was balanced, it wasn't hard to rebuild, and in fact, when big liz hit me, he took down my convention center which had started to slip in profits for events anyway and I was going to bulldoze it and replace with more industrial. So that was easy. but because the city was OK, I recovered quickly.. then got hit by the quake.... but i recovered mostly now. I'm still VERY new. i've only got like 110 hours total on the game. but I'm starting to get the hang of it (thanks in part to people helping me here so thank you) and the more I get into it the more I want to do. Even with the bugs I love this game. Just need a better vid card. and thank GOD I put a Corsair H80 cooler on my CPU, because my cores were getting moocho hot.
  2. People only city

    every time I try to build up a city with people i get unemployment crisis and everyone gets mad at me hehehe
  3. Seven disaster in two hours

    it's nice to know how a meltdown happens. I had one in sandbox mode when i was learning the game. Never used a nuclear plant since then. But now that I know why it happend I might replace my coal plant in my tech city since it's well educated.
  4. Seven disaster in two hours

    Wow now that's interesting. The little green men could be good for me Speaking of luck, i just had that damn lizard hit me. I spent a LONG time balancing out things, making my factories happy, rearranging streets. All on one corner.. then BLAM, breaking news.. big liz is in town. But i could not have been happier. Even though he took down my loaded police precint, he only hit one factory, only hit one smoke stack on my second coal power plant, and destroyed my stadium. Ignored my trade ports, my processor factory all just left me better than it could have been. Still though, look at this swath of destruction. holy crud this could have been so much worse.. EDIT: Christ, spoke too soon. Not even an hour after this I got hit by a big earthquake.
  5. Seven disaster in two hours

    What an awesome guy! Fry all your students and poor people riding busses Kidding. Good to know. i thought radiated land was pretty much worthless. Can you tell me what the flying saucers actually do? i see them lighting up a building so I clicked it and the little saucer left. That was probably coincidence. But what does it actually do to the city in reagards to damage other than scaring sims?
  6. People only city

    ahhh.. Wow glad you said that. I was hoping to do it because I have no more room on two cities and worker shortages are constant.
  7. Crime.. what to do

    ROFL... yeah this might take a while
  8. People only city

    Wow that's impressive. I'm going to try that. I've got the funds elsewhere. i think I'll destroy most of my people city and start over using your idea.
  9. Crime.. what to do

    well, I took the plunge lol. 28l negative, two additional precincts loaded with towers and cars. Crashed the vu tower and maxis manor. I suppose as long as the oil income stays strong I'm ok. but this presents anotherproblem. I cant get the cargo ships and trains to come by enough. i have two big trade ports and they house only oil. but they both stay completely full with 50,000 barrels. Since the cargo ships take only half that, and the trains take even less I'm not sure how to get more to come around. Do i have to build cities around it that import a LOT of oil to get things coming by more often?
  10. Crime.. what to do

    I have one small casino to bring in income to support the services. Maybe it's costing me too much in crime to keep it though. it's making 40k so I didn't want to kill it. but if the crime is going to overcome it's income than it's not even worth it. Good idea tho, i'll shut it off. Does it look abnormally high though? thank god it's hard to get in the city and I rely on freight trains and cargo ships to pick up oil (although i still run out of storage)
  11. People only city

    I keep getting worker shortages in three of my cities. So i decideded i might try something new. i started a city with only people. no commercial or industrial. I noticed it actually makes a profit. I suppose residential taxes. but do I need to maintain it with hospitals and police/fire? the reason i ask is, it's growing but there's no way I can keep anything other than low income people with no services. and people are moving out becuase of deaths. Has someone else tried this before and got an idea on how to successfully do it? The only thing I can think is I could fund it from another city to keep services going. Maybe someone has planned this out somewhere before?
  12. I keep getting more and more criminals no matter how many police stations I put up. Look at this screenshot and tell me if there's even any hope. What should I do? I can keep adding police stations but it was up to 5k negative on income and I am trying to keep it relatively even
  13. Seven disaster in two hours

    What do the flying saucers do? (i'm new so bear with me) I get those a lot, but they don't seem to do anything other than scare the snot out of people. Granted I don't have big cities, I think the latest one it hit was a city of 200,000 but I don't think it did much damage. The meteor showers almost made me cry. The first time I built a processor factory, had him up and running, but was out of resources. I didn't know what I was doing at all. I had built a trade depot, port or wahtever with buttloads of alloy storage units. I dind't have a recycling center, didn't know that worked at the time. But I finally, for the first time get over a million in the treasury with no bonds out. I had my huge depot set to import alloy. I maxed out the units. I also just happneed to have a cargo ship dock on the warehouse. The meteors came in and just destroyed everything around my processor building. but didn't hit it. yay!!!!! Then a cargo ship came in chocked full of alloy, and drained my entire million dollars (i think it was over) to pay for it. I dind't realize the ship was coming. Since then I have learned how to properly stage those depots, but man... meteor shower... I survive!!! then lost every penny I had to pay for the alloy. hahaha I was heartbroken. I guess that's when I learned to read up on how to do things. I was throwing depots and ports everywhere. Thank god my bonds were clean because it took most of the day for me to rebuild things, and I'm still not fully recovered. The biggest problem I have is, I'm not a gamer, the last game I played believe it or not, was Quake III Arena, and was very serious. cash tournaments with teaems etc. But when i stopped that I haven't played a game since until now. But I get so involved I completelly lose track of time, often sitting for 8 to 10 hours without even noticing. boy, I'm saying a lot of things...
  14. Global pricing.

    yeah of course I could have waited and done it like a new city I don't have control over, but the truth is i've got two cities in the region with many millions and figured throwing a million at a new city to get it done turbo mode was fair. It worked out. I'm not as impressed as I thought I was with the oil cities anyway. I spent about 10 hours working on it since that last post, I'm pumping the most I can, and find my problem is more waiting for the trains and cargo ships to come in. the roads into cities are ALWAYS completely stupid they're so backed up, so the trucks take forever, but the money in processors (and I haven't even gotten to electonics yet) is 10 times higher than the oil production it seems. I wonder if their's a solution to the backups getting into all cities. Maybe have multiple entry points on all instead of just an 'in/out' on a few. it's all fun though. my goal is (this is a big region) to build things in each city that require things frrom the others, so theirs a good realistic flow of goods and services. the thing I dislike immensely about oil is the criminals. holy crap that kills my RCI
  15. What determiens the global market rate of things? for instance, crude oil right now it going for 9000 per. But I swear at one point a while back I saw it going for 6000. What determines that, and how often is it updated? I have a region going very well now, well for a newbie. I've got a couple cities with millions in the treasury making processors. haven't gotten one up to the next level but I'm getting there then i saw an unclaimed spot that pegged high on oil... So I learned a lesson and probably cheated a little. I used two other cities to send it 500k eachl So I could start with a million, then built out the oil wells. scary how fast the criminals followed, but what I did learn is that you can't just gift a buttload of money, drop and go see it at the other city. you HAVE to sit in that upper mode, leaving the panel open until it's finished gifting. I thought it was instant, but found out the hard way that's not the truth. Oh I also learned you can make a very large amount of money in a very short amount of time building out a city with tons of oil, if you gift youself a million up front to set the city up. Nothing I just said has any relevance to my question, but none of my friends give a hoot about this game so I have to do it alone lol, and have nobody to talk to about it