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  1. A few questions about city planning

    Plus, manufacturing is a great way to get jobs in your city if you're in a bind and cannot successfully manipulate commercial's demand in your favor. It probably won't provide jobs for high-wealth residents, but it can definitely fulfill jobs for low and medium wealth residents. Manufacturing requires very little to move in and has decent benefit. Dirty industry, on the other hand, should definitely be taxed high in my opinion and their development should be discouraged. Too much pollution (air and water) and too little benefit. Actually I have seen some high wealth residents go work at manufacturing industries. But I cannot remember them going to work at the high tech industries. High wealth residents prefer to work in commercial buildings. So I think having manufacturing industries is important to at least provide the choosy high wealth residents with jobs. They are very difficult to keep employed.
  2. Hi all, I just discovered that my high wealth manors that house like 15 to 20 people are not being upgraded. They were originally built on low density residential zones, but did not upgrade when I zoned them to medium density, despite high demand for low and medium wealth residents. I now know that it is because high wealth houses can only upgrade to high wealth apartments, and not to low/medium wealth apartments. So I had to bulldoze the high wealth houses, dezone them and then rezone them again to match the entire lot. So my question is, is there a mod that can automate what I'm doing, that is upgrade high wealth manors to a higher density building regardless of the wealth of the residents? Instead of high wealth manors to only high wealth apartments, the mod will upgrade high wealth manors to ANY-wealth apartments.
  3. Something Strange is happening.

    If your city is only 40 years old, then it is normal that commercial demand is low for smaller cities. Your city has built as much commercial buildings as it can handle for its size. I'm gonna guess that your industry demand, on the other hand, is very high.