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  1. Criminals ?

    How do you get rid of criminals living im your city because in my city of about 100k there like 9 crimnals living in high density buildings. Do i need to plop a detective wing or what ?
  2. i have a city of about of 200k + and i keep getting this issuse where i have medium wealth low density buildings are running out of money and i have the right park next to them however there still leaving. Another fact is they are surrounded my medium wealth high density buildings and im not if that raises the rent or something or what but i wanna know what to do to fix this recurring problem ??
  3. Low skill ?

    it keeps saying i have low skill in my electronics city even though i have two elementary schools , high school and a university . Also i have trouble keeping the high school full because somehow i still have unenrolled kids and it saids build more but why should i if i have extra desks ?
  4. Imports

    In two of my cities im importing resources to feed my factories but its not arriving fast enough to keep up with demand . Why is that happening ?
  5. Storage Problems

    You should try to build a trade port it can hold a lot more storage. Also use rail to ship or ship out products faster.
  6. Help ?

    I wanna start producing tvs for my high tech city and i having trouble making any profit . I have two trade depots with multiple processor storage lots. But it keeps saying im making 0 daily profit. What is the fastest way to upgrade HQ and get consumer electronics division ?
  7. Schools ?

    Is it smart to have more than one grade school in your city if one is full. How do increase education level fast ?
  8. Rail ?

    Ok thanks
  9. Education ?

    I still seemed to be having trouble with my education level in my high tech city . I only had university then added a high school. But it doesnt seem to be kickin in . Should i add a grade school ?
  10. Smelting ?

    If i have a trade port rail terminal can i use it to transport raw materials to my smelters ?
  11. Rail ?

    Can you use them to transport raw materials such as ore or coal between cities ?
  12. So i have two processor factories that both have 1x module assembly lines . Only one seems to be getting the materials to make the processors and the other keeps saying it doesnt have any . I have refinieries in my other city for plastic and smelters in another for alloy. Whats the problem ?
  13. Need crude oil

    My oil wells are not that full because oil is constantly being used at refinieries so like you said its not being replinshed fast enough. Thank you
  14. One of my cities keeps sayin mg i need crude oil but this city is a main oil producing city with 3 refinieries and oil wells. How do i need oil i have tons.
  15. What are some tips on cleaning it up and increasing land value ?