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  1. SimCity 4 Fixes

    The thing with the NAM is that it seems to just let me ignore building proper road networks. Looking at the values, even the low setting raises the capacity for streets from 100 to 1500. However, the default capacities seem way too low, even though I've never built any major cities. I guess I'll try the Low setting, since so far I've only tried Medium and Classic. While I think the Industry Doubler is a bit of a cheat, the default number of jobs provided by industry just seems so low. The doubler also doubles the tax value, power demand, water demand, and pollution for industry, so it seems balanced, at least a lot more so than the Quadrupler. Is there anybody using it that can give me feedback on how major it's effects are, and if you think it improves the game?
  2. SimCity 4 Fixes

    I've just gotten back into SimCity 4 and I've started using mods. I heard about the rather large amount of bugs in the original game and about the mods to fix them. I'm currently using NAM, Crime Doesn't Pay, Opera House Fix, High-Tech R$$$ Fix, and the Industry Doubler. Are there any other fixes out there I should know about? I'm a bit of a purist, so the NAM and Industry Doubler do feel a bit like cheats. But the NAM is just so helpful with traffic. I still haven't made any large cities yet (my largest so far only has about 88 000 Sims) but I heard that the Industry Doubler helps a lot later on. Does anyone have experience with it, and does it really have that big of a difference? I've seen some of the other "fixes" like the Private School Fx, but that I don't really feel I need because you can get extra private schools, unlike the Opera House. I also saw the mod that allowed Area 5.1 and the Air Force Base in the same city, but a comment on the mod stated that one was "evil" and one was "good," so that didn't seem necessary. I also saw the City Hall Fix, but that seemed to be adding extra features so I didn't feel like using it.