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  1. Draggable Transitions in Network Widening Mod

    something will drive my interest back into the game.....but with all of these new things coming up, one thing will be the reason for my comeback into SC4; the factor is: what?
  2. Why should the person above you be banned?

    Banned for having higher priorities
  3. Change a Letter Game v2

  4. you may doubt this now and you will believe me later: you will get used to it and you will find yourself helping others that are in the same situation you are in
  5. Change a Letter Game v2

  6. STEX File Troubles!

    MrTronicMusic: Welcome to the forums of Simtropolis if you look in the file read-me's, you will discover there are dependencies that are required for the file to work. Some files do have missing dependencies, so you will have to watch yourself, im not sure which files are missing dependencies, but its just a heads-up
  7. 3D is my preference, but you cant go on with a single opinion, you need a (vast) majority decision
  8. The Word Chain

  9. Change a Letter Game v2

  10. Worried About Exe. Files(Dangerous)

    As far as the entire community is concerned: SC4 is safe and everything from the STEX is secure.....so i think we covered the base problems that your dad has, anything else should be ignored
  11. The 2011 Chat Record Breaking Attempt

    hmm....i wont guarantee i will be up at 10AM, but as far as i know, its possible i'll see close to 100 upon joining.....count me in
  12. Simcity 4 VS CityXL

    why start up a battle between CXL and SC4? they both have their bright spots and flaws, and no game will be considered "perfect" because someone will bring up something that could be improved. Say all you want, but there wont ever be a perfect game, period.