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  1. offline mode is a joke

    yes ty for your response.... sorry about my rant, I was just really looking forward to this. My isp sometimes cuts out and I have no access to internet.
  2. the point of offline mode is a joke. I just blocked origin from connecting to internet thru my firewall and SC will not startup as a result. The whole point of having offline mode besides the modding is the ability to play SC w/o internet access. EDIT: in forums it says I can put origin in offline modeand not required to log in, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have to go offline in origin everytime I startup sc. Origin doesn't retain offline settings. Im trying to figure out how to play SC with no internet connection whatsoever... any help is appreciated. thanks
  3. I was considering learning how to do some modding myself.... but bein Im getting to be middle age I hope an old dog can still learn a few new tricks... getting to my point, I was wondering if this is possible, creating a mega storage facility independent of trade port used primarily to store resources. Im talking upping the anti from the miniscule amount to something like 10 million units per storage center and each facility could host a dozen of these units. I want to horde resources like a packrat it is inevitable someday we will be enjoying massive sc4 like regions and I think a building like this can be advantageous. possible?
  4. Simcity 2013 at one year.

    Im new here and I am appreciative of all the comments in this thread, I too would like to see bigger map sizes as well as removing origin from the startup... I think its quite ridiculous to require 2 running cpu processes for 1 game.... utterly ridiculous. IMO Origin is a joke. I was a big fan of sc4 ten years ago and still have the disc... I honestly don't remember this many bugs and fixes for that game. Unfortunately with gaming, being that its gone to digital downloads, I have a feeling we will be seeing much more of this in the future as developers are in such a rush for the cash... releasing games before they are ready and fixing them on the fly.
  5. is this a singular or multiple instance ?
  6. Im not sure what possessed me to do this but I managed to isolate a criminal sim on a little square dirt road adjacent to the region highway..... I let him chase his own tail in the red sparkling car for about 2 hours. He was all by himself on this dirt road. I saved and exited game. Came online tonight which is apprx 23 hours later from my previous save, and now on this little square dirt road is the original criminal in a car, a criminal sim on foot walking and a single crime prevention van. Im not sure what to make of this. I just thought Id share this little tidbit of info. What are your thoughts?
  7. New to 2013

    EA is proving themselves to be greedy and inapt. If I was to offer my advice on whether or not to purchase this game, ID NOW SAY NO. The initial investment of $60 dollars seemed fair enough, but after downloading the game digitally and discovering that it is now only online play and that they are selling DLCs to make more profit.... where does this vicious spending circle end? The idea on spending more and more money each time you want to stay "caught up" is ludicrous. I had originally decided to buy after watching a utube vid..... in this video this person had the coolest looking city and was able to change the texture colors of the buildings at will.... What makes this option available? OR is that just another DLC? After I started install, I was then notified that my video card wasn't good enough.... Nvidia GeForce 9200..... plays anything else..... so when u add it all up $60 per game $50 a month internet bill infinite amt of DLCs ranging from 10-20 +new video card mental anguish when u realize you wasted valuable time and money= PRICELESS!